10 Toes Down

While we are all enjoying our holiday weekend Kanye West via his “wife” clashed with Kanye’s past via Rhymefest on social media. You don’t have to be a Kanye West fan to know who Rhymefest is. These men were 10 toes down for each other and came together with Cons and GLC to form who we know as the “old Kanye.” Add a dash of Virgin Abloh and you have THE Kanye, the one Kim “fell in love” with. There was a very recent phone call from Ye to his old buddy Rhymefest in which Mr. West inquired about collaborating on some music. The conversation didn’t go as Kanye had planned meaning Rhymefest probably told him “no” so Ye allowed his wife (yes allowed) to send out some wild superficial tweets about Rhymefest. Respectfully Rhymefest wrote back in a well-executed statement and at the center of it all was the non-profit organization Donda’s House Inc. To protect themselves the organization plans to change its name and even released this statement in regards to the aloof West family claims involving the organization and Rhymefest. I know some of you all were thinking like me, I thought Kanye was supporting Donda’s House Inc. the entire time! I guess if he believes that slavery was a choice he probably thinks that the kids who participate in Donda’s House Inc. programming don’t need his help because they are choosing to be in poor socioeconomic neighborhoods and school systems.

We all know that KKW has no clue about how deep the relationship between Rhymefest and Kanye goes and she’s just running with whatever her husband tells her. Snoop was right about the importance of a wife in a rapper’s life because KKW will never hold Kanye responsible for anything that he says or does because she’s not 10 toes down. She’s riding for him right now until we the Hip Hop/Rap and the Black communities deem him no longer worthy of our admiration, money, or support. Once again we are the tastemakers of the culture in this country and what we say goes. If we decide today to boycott Kanye they’d be divorced within two years and Kanye will be crawling back to Cons, GLC, Jay Z, and Rhymefest. Trust me she can feel the backlash whenever he says something outlandish. That’s why later on after learning how out of pocket she was with her initial tweets KKW came back with more tweets alleging how much she supports grassroots work. Vowing to take something like Donda’s House Inc. away is the MAGA blueprint.

Rhymefest is going up against a huge machine but as long as he stands his ground and remains ten toes down the work that he is doing with the youth of Chicago can and will continue on without Kanye like they’ve been doing. It doesn’t have to be named Donda’s House and they can remove Kanye from the Board of Directors and go on doing their thing. The thing is that this man, Rhymefest, was holding Kanye West down and by not saying anything about Kanye not supporting Donda’s House Inc. and he could’ve blew up the spot years ago. Proving that he is still ten toes down for Kanye and was going to be there for him if need be. Is it Kanye’s responsibility to support the organization? Yes! Why not, what other grassroots, charity, and community service are you doing in Calabassas other than designing high school uniforms? That’s like Ronald McDonald no longer dealing with McDonald’s. You can’t buy real friends like Rhymefest and Kanye thought he could by waving a collab for the new album in front of him which is a slap in the face to any man or woman with an ounce of integrity. Are we going to hear a Rhymesfest diss on the new album? Hope not. Do we have to deal with MAGA Ye until all the albums drop? Hope not. Maybe KKW has been writing his scoopity poop bars because that’s all that’s been coming out of his mouth.

“Tell people the truth, but never give ’em your true thoughts.” – Rhymefest (We Can Make It Better)


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