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If you haven’t heard the owner of the LA Clippers made headlines (again) for making racist remarks in reference to African-Americans after his wife posted an Instagram photo of herself at a Clippers’ game with prominent African-Americans such as Magic Johnson. I’m not going to regurgitate the story but you can most definitely click this link and it’ll take you to the story. I mean really another wealthy white person saying something negative about Black people. Why would I even retell the story you already know what it is. Donald Sterling has made other racial remarks in the past despite having to work with Black people on a regular basis. It’s the same old, same old with some people but they do it because they’ve gotten away before without major consequences or repercussions. If you got away with bank robbery every time you did it you’d keep robbing banks! Who wouldn’t? So what do we do Hip Hop when we get robbed of our respect? I know some of you might say ‘this isn’t Hip Hop’s problem’. Yes it is; Hip Hop is in everything we do everyday remember it’s more than the music. They play Rap music at the games and even have employed Hip Hop DJs to be the house DJ. As Hip Hop heads we watch sports even if it is the Clippers (joking; next year Celtics!) There is no reason for our community or culture to support him. I support wholeheartedly the silent protest done by the players although I would’ve kept it going until he received some type of negative consequence.

The players did their part but what about us? What’s our part in this? What can we do to help and support? I know it’s the playoffs but we can boycott by not watching the game or attending. The players will get paid regardless as long as they play. It’s their job and they are bound by contract. You can’t quit a job every time  you get mad at your boss and partly depending on how much you work with such a person. We as a society are allowing this to happen by glazing over the situation. By glazing over I mean some of you may have voiced your opinion on the situation even while having the audacity to watch the game as you complain. When you are inactive in the social issues you have a complaint but when you are striving to improve the issue then you are voicing your opinion (That’s my opinion). I saw a few Rappers complain via social media with the right intentions but please don’t forget that your one tweet isn’t changing anything. Even if there were more outrage from the public the majority of the public outrage has to come from white people. It’s only offensive if they are offended even if they aren’t the intended target of the issue. I saw a Instagram video from Snoop Dogg and felt the same way he did but Snoop is that all you’re doing? I don’t know if he is continuing to address the issue or if his video post was all he did or is doing.

Rappers you need to be talking about this every day until it is resolved. Make it an important issue to Black people in our community. The kids do everything you tell them. Tell them to write letters to Donald Sterling discussing how offended they are or should be. Hip Hop where are you?! Take a stand and stop being lazy! I bet next week there will be at least one Rapper cameo at a LAC game. We need to ban together and respect ourselves and stop allowing other races to disrespect us. Do not internalize the negativity and self-hatred. Use that energy to make a difference! We all need to write letters to the LA Clippers organization describing how angry we are that Donald Sterling’s behavior is never dealt with accordingly. Granted for a past issue revolving around race Donald Sterling was convicted but we need to write to the new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver about how we feel as a community and as a culture that this behavior is unacceptable! I’ve only heard from two Rappers and one surprised me! If you want to complain or voice your opinion write it down and send it to someone who can make a difference. Hip Hop you need to take a stand for yourself and future.

Send complaint/opinion mail to BOTH of these addresses:

1111 S. Figueroa St. Suite 1100 Los Angeles, CA 90015
Los Angeles Clippers Fan Mail
1111 S. Figueroa St. Suite 1100 Los Angeles, CA 90015

The National Basketball Association
Attn: Fan Relations
645 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY 10022

Disclaimer: We are not using any obscene language we are expressing ourselves appropriately. I am not condoning hate mail of any kind.  


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