2 The Hip Hop Woman

Here we are in 2019 and we have women in Hip Hop at every turn. The woman emcee has definitely shown everyone that they are real people with real point of views and feelings that are valid and should be respected. Women in Hip Hop, particularly emcees, have always been scrutinized and dismissed as some sort of gimmick and forcing women to make it part of their marketing strategy. Women in Hip Hop today are allowed to be more vulnerable, out spoken, respected, and paid! The way some of today’s top lady emcees move is like an army and there are the highest ranking general. These women are feeding more families than a lot of male rappers combined. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are not the only women out here. I’m sure you all know that by now with the luxury of having technology and access to thousands of songs on various platforms.

Women in Hip Hop are curating, developing, connecting, and creating new trends in the culture every day, from City Girls to Noname they all have their place within the culture representing for all types of women and women who encompasses all those qualities you associate with those particular artists. Women aren’t just “soft” version of whatever you believe a man to be. Women are mothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters who are bringing other women along with them into the spectrum so they can curate, develop, connect, and create their own new trend and do the same thing the other woman did for her. Women in Hip Hop have always had to have a man vouch for them and as a result everyone would assume that the guy vouching for her was the one behind the can, the pen, the turntables, or the latest moves. I bet if a popular woman emcee told you whose verses, she wrote you wouldn’t believe her and in the same breath discredit her for even having the audacity to say something so blasphemous about your favorite rapper.

It as if women in Hip Hop always have to be sexualized, rumors about her sex life have always been part of the topic of conversation. That is not all that she has to offer but it’s hard when LHH is showing teenage boys and girls otherwise. The same women who rap probably work harder than the top male Rapper if not just as hard. There are enough women in Hip Hop to represent women across the globe. There are enough women in Hip Hop, and everyone can get “the bag”. There are enough women in Hip Hop to take the genre further. It’s just too bad women in Hip Hop can’t change the narrative. 

“I’m thinking all the time how she could be my lover” – Cappadonna (Camay) 

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