Latchkey Kid

People have different motives for why they want to go into the entertainment industry. Whether it’s for money, fame, love, or the limelight all of it is ego driven to some degree. Some want to be accepted and obtaining money and fame is the quickest way to get others to accept you or at least tolerate you until the money, fame, and drugs run out. Now all of these things are easy to obtain but maintaining them is where the work comes in. If your motives aren’t pure than the amenities you’ve acquired during your time in the limelight may be fleeting. So when it’s been decades and you haven’t had a hit or a social media breakthrough you’re looking for something, anything, to bring your name back into the forefront.

When you are searching for fame or limelight you put yourself on a slippery slope because it may require you to burn some bridges or throw others under the bus. That’s a sign that your motives weren’t pure to begin with. You latched on to those around you so you could live vicariously through them. Once they’ve reached their peak you jump on the next thing smoking! However, their success has brought the both of you a little coin so it’s not like you’re broke you just want to be “the man” again or at least stand next to someone who is “the man” right now. You can’t let go of what once was and even if you got it back would it still be the same? The entertainment business changes hands every day and with the Rap music industry being a subsection of the former don’t think that you’re getting your spot back, you got up!

Latching on to what someone else is doing means you almost have to do what they say. It’s like parenting a child because they have to trust you to be alone with their brand affiliation. You throwing dirt on someone’s name in real life doesn’t always play out the same way it does in your mind. It could backfire and alienate you from the industry even more. If your royalties, publishing checks, and self-esteem is intact you’d be satisfied with what you’ve contributed to the Rap game. Especially when you’ve been part of some legendary moments within the culture. What else do you want? What else do you need? Sounds like someone is looking for respect but if you don’t respect yourself how do you expect others to do the same? The key is maintaining your relevance to stay in the game. If you’re in and out the game all the time than someone is bound to take your key from you.

“Ain’t no latchin’ on to my success.” – Kevin Gates (Excuse Me)

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