Generals Amongst Us

Shout out to all you Yeezy fans who waited ever so patiently for his Gandhi album, I hope you got what you wanted. While you all were waiting and watching all of the stars on SNL, Mysonne the General was standing side by side with other women and men in Washington D.C. to protest against the Kavanaugh nomination. After a week of the Cosby/Kavanaugh circus on the news and everywhere else it was refreshing to see Hip Hop at the forefront of an issue that could change the trajectory of the country. This country is already being represented by someone who is…less than ideal. If people weren’t so busy focusing on Kanye and his loose associations, flight of ideas, or his impulsive behavior maybe this whole Supreme Court nomination debacle would have lost a little traction. You all seem to think that creating awareness and voicing your opinion on social media doesn’t mean that a difference can’t be made.

Mysonne is a dope emcee who is using his platform, power, influence, and money to protest and advocate on issues on YOUR behalf and mine as well. I’m more than glad to know that a Black man is out there risking his life for me and my family whom he’s never met. What would happen if we advocated for ourselves on a major level? Though lobbying, voting, and simply being present we can boycott the NFL by having our own professional football league, build I Promise schools, or get our non-violent offenders out of jail and prison. We have to move like an army of sorts and with four star generals like Mysonne we can get some good work done. The Black Panthers didn’t have any “down time” and if they did it was something to uplift the community in the same breath. Even though Mysonne has had his own personal experiences with the legal system in this country so have many a Rapper.

It’s okay to demand more from someone whose lifestyle you support financially. It’s okay to withhold your support if you’re not getting what you want from them. If Cardi B keeps having altercations with strippers all of your support will be going to lawsuit settlements. Posting old videos of you speaking out on economic and social issues isn’t the same if you do it when you have a small army watching and waiting to do whatever you ask. You have to have been in the trenches, in the battle, at war to earn enough stripes to get to where Kanye wants to be. Kanye pushed his way onto the field, he wasn’t drafted. Kanye is still wishing wants the rank of a four star general without going to boot camp. Just because he “graduated” doesn’t mean he should enlist as an officer.

“Your ego blinded you, although you move so fake, I’m trying to talk to the real nigga inside of you.” – Mysonne (Discipline)

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