Thugg-er Life?


This week Young Thug released the cover for his upcoming album ‘The Carter 6’. You all know I don’t revisit old topics unless it’s something important OR I need it to emphasize my point(s). We all know that Lil Wayne and Baby are going through it but Birdman is taking it to another level. Let me give you a little background information. Young Thug is signed to 300 which is owned by Lyor Cohen even though he is a member of Rich Gang alongside Baby and Rich Homie Quan. For those who aren’t old enough to know who Lyor Cohen is just know that he was an executive with Def Jam and profited off of classic artists during a time when the label had the baddest roster of all time, so listen when Dame Dash speaks about dude. The blog isn’t about the nudity because plenty of Rappers have been nude on their album covers. Nobody will ever do it like Ice-T! The cover for ‘Gangsta Rap’ is just as G as Ice-T himself and that was released almost ten years ago! Mac Miller and Big Daddy Kane also were nude on the cover although Kane’s cover was only from the chest up.

This whole idea of Young Thug naming his album ‘Carter 6’ seems like a deliberate diss against Wayne. Not from Thug but Birdman. Thug is young and impressionable so he is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. That’s why he does a lot of what he does. Shock value, and Lyor nor Birdman man care about how it negatively effects some of young men and women as long as they can make a buck. It’s manipulation and exploitation. If I can get in your ear and tell and young poor kid “you can be the next Wayne” why wouldn’t you believe the person that’s the closest to Wayne? In a recent interview with Turk, member of the Hot Boyz, he mentioned that Young Thug may want to be Wayne which I can see as believable. Who wouldn’t want to be the guy who was the hottest in the game at one point? Baby is clearly using Young Thug to get a Wayne. Why else would the title be located in place of Young Thug’s manhood? To me it’s like a subliminal “get off my d**k”! That’s the message that Baby is sending to Wayne through Young Thug.

This could hit Young Thug back. Wayne may decide to address Young Thug directly but he knows Baby is the puppet master because he finally cut his own strings! Now if Baby and Wayne settle everything Young Thug can get dropped instantly. He might get features or another deal with a major label because of his shock value but he won’t be as mainstream. You can be here one day and gone the next dealing with this generation of music listeners. The same reason these other artists aren’t speaking on the situation is the same reason Young Thug needs to tread lightly. I haven’t heard him diss Wayne but then again I don’t listen to his music. Baby wanted to do a renewed Big Tymers group but that idea never flourished so he developed Rich Gang. Now that Rich Homie Quan has decided to refocus on his own career and separate himself from Rich Gang that idea is falling apart. Like Turk said in the interview Baby is hurt and he’s out there trying to recreate the old Cash Money days and rock with a new crew but he’ll never find anyone else that’s about that thugg-er life.

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