Battling & Beefs: Competition in Hip Hop


Where do we start! Let’s go back to Total Slaughter. I recently watched all four episodes of ‘Road to Total Slaughter’ on WatchLoud. Took me a while but I watched the episodes and it was phenomenal. I wish it was a real television show with twenty two episodes. It was honest and just as raw as battle rap itself. By now you know about that line Loaded Lux said about Busta Rhymes in his battle against Murda Mook. Since then Lux has apologized to that man, his friend, but if this was the time to diss or beef with a mainstream artist this would be it. However, nobody want to be that guy and try to get shine from throwing dirt on the next man and nobody wants to be Canibus bringing a notepad to the battle!!! Busta would ‘ve had validated beef because they actually know each other and it became a personal situation. We all enjoy a lyrical battle between two artists but at some point it has to end. You can’t beat a dead horse. Unless your Lil Kim then you’ve got all the validation you need!!!

Lil Kim recently released a verse on the ‘Flawless’ remix after Nicki Minaj she called herself the ‘Queen of Rap slayin’ with Queen Be(e)(y)’. Kim really went in when she released Identity Theftthat joint is crazy and the cover art alone is hilarious! It seems like everybody gunning for Nicki. Which seems plausible since she is the biggest female rapper out there right now. Remy is ready to eat her up at any moment and has already thrown a few darts but apparently Nicki wants no parts just a collab to stay on her nice side all the while Iggy Azalea is in the backyard with the crickets. I am also hype about this battle between Fredro Starr and Keith Murray that’s going to happen in Atlanta. I just want to throw out there that I’m a Keith Murray fan and he is a crazy lyricist and I think he’s going to beat Fredro easy. Let’s get back to the ladies though.

Why can’t there be enough room for all these women to succeed in the game? Why do black women have to be divided? There once was a time where there was nothing but female emcees on the radio and television. Representing different regions and perspectives. Female rappers have had battles on wax between artists going back to MC Lyte and Antoinette after Antionette came at Lyte’s cousin, MC Milk of Audio Two. She released ‘Lights Out, Party Over’ after Lyte came with ‘10% diss’ but even when Kim was beefing with Foxy both artists were still able to thrive and sell records. I understand why Kim and Remy have beef with Nicki but why can’t we all just get along? She stole her image and stole your flows so how about Remy and Kim doing a track together though!?! Competition in Hip Hop is expected and you better be ready if you plan to participate especially if you’re claiming the top spot. Rapping has always been about competition whether it’s competing for the best Rapper spot or who has the better material items. The female MCs always have to compete twice as hard to prove themselves in the Rap game just like any other female pursuing a career in one of the elements be it DJing or Graffiti. Hip Hop Culture is said to be a masculine one and if you don’t have heavy hitting bars they’ll try to make females sex themselves up.

It’s enough money out there for everyone to eat. Pimp C told us to stop arguing and work together to get this money! Battling is something that not every artist can do just as every artist can’t handle a real beef at least not the mainstream radio people. Competition can be between artists on a track as they creatively challenge each other to push limits. That’s how you get songs like “Calm Down’ by Busta Rhymes featuring Eminem and it makes for a great track. Some people have a problem with artists changing their verses after hearing another dude on the track. Depending on the situation and how much editing goes into the ‘updated’ version that might be alright. No ghostwriting allowed! If you get bodied on your own track you might have to live with it. Ask Jay Z about ‘Renegade’ because Eminem made that joint what it is today. Rappers need to have confidence in their verses so the public can’t shake them after the song drops. Cassidy wants major paper to battle but if the culture continues to build you’re going to want to battle despite the price. If you really love to lyrically compete then you’ll do it regardless. I think the entire Total Slaughter event inspired a lot of ideas in people’s minds that’s why you have Keith Murray and Fredro Starr battling in September. Now if these guys open the flood gates for classic Rappers to get money let’s do it! What battle did you want to see that didn’t go down when you were growing up? To be a battle Rapper you need bars! You need content, flow, everything a real MC requires. Maybe that’ll spark a fire under some of these losers on the airwaves. Either they’re going to catch fire in those gasoline draws or they’ll spit that hot fire!

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