Pseudo Polarization

Did you hear? Did you see the tweets? What do you think? What about you? I think…we all need to stop thinking for a moment. It is fine to have an opinion, but to force your opinion into a conversation based on the popularity of the subject is attention seeking behavior. Clearly Jay Z isn’t seeking validation from any of you who provided your opinion on his partnership/deal with the NFL. I wouldn’t either because you all don’t really know what you’re talking about since the plans have not been revealed. Some people look at Huey Newton as a drug fiend because they don’t know that the government infiltrated the Black Panthers organization and got some of the most prominent figures hooked on drugs to dismantle the movement. Jay is no Huey Newton, although he has shown us in the past that he is for the people. The more we share our opinion the less time we have to focus on the upcoming presidential election, protests in Hong Kong, and other more pressing issues that affect us every day.

Between Jay Z and the new Popeye’s chicken sandwich we’ve got our underwear so tight they’re starting to chafe. Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided cannot stand” and in 2019 we’re still arguing over how the revolution should go down. I’m not here to sway your opinion, I did that over the weekend. I’m here to tell you all to relax and to not get sucked in to this new pseudo polarization wave. Making a big deal out of something small snowballs into pointless online debates that don’t have any bearing on how you live your life. Who wants to be mad all the time? People are waiting to pounce on someone else’s opinion. Waiting to be offended just to “cancel”, boycott, and call somebody out. I don’t care what color the dress was, I don’t care who has the “better” chicken sandwich, but I do care if she’s “fine too” or “5’2”. Just because your social media platform says it’s a “trending topic” doesn’t mean it deserves your undivided attention or solicits your opinion.

This shows the powers that be, we are still not on one accord and we’re still far from the revolution because we can’t even decide whether or not we want to bank Black or not use banks at all. Are we only patronizing at the Black owned Chick-fil-A or completely boycotting the fast food chain? What are we doing people? We know the issues, so what are we going to do about them? We can protest while some of us boycott, and the rest of us need to be in the room changing the policies. Everybody has their part in the revolution and we can’t tell people which part to play. We all have to do what we can, when we can, however we can. There is no right or wrong, but we do have the Malcolm approach versus the Martin approach. There is the Winnie versus Nelson approach. You have the Betty versus Coretta approach. As long as we approach discord together, no one can stop us…not even us.

“Popular demand, I understand my name is only for conversation.” – Vince Staples

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