A Bowl Cut

Ever since Colin Kaepernick took a knee to protest the inhumane treatment of African-American men and women by the police the community has been divided. The division isn’t on the issue, rather the means of protest. Martin Luther King, Jr. introduced us to the silent law-abiding way to protest while Malcolm X introduced us to the authoritative law-abiding way to protest and since then our community hasn’t figured out which method is more effective. Are we boycotting or nah? If so, how? Not purchasing merchandise, not watching television, or sending out social media hashtags? If we as a community cannot come to an agreement then instances like the Super Bowl LIII halftime show arise and we look crazy. Houston Rapper, Travis Scott is slated to perform alongside Maroon 5 for the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show.

It is clear that a lot of Black and Brown people have since stopped watching NFL games but not enough of us stayed the course. Now Big Boi of Outkast has agreed to perform during Travis Scott’s segment of the performance only if “La Flame” donated a substantial amount of money to his Atlanta based charity. Having the donation stipulation in the contract is great but what about the optics and how this is making our community look overall?  It makes us look divided and this is a moment the entire world will be watching. This is where Phase 2 of protesting can be implemented. Phase 2 involves the means of protest. Travis and Sir Luscious Leftfoot will have access to the world’s largest platform so what they do with it is up to them. Beyoncé set the tempo for Super Bowl performances with her performance during the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show.

To the outside looking in these two Black men aren’t thinking about Colin Kaepernick or his protest. To the outside looking in these two Black men that are revered by the current Hip Hop generation and the previous Hip Hop generation are ignoring the problem that is the current racial divide in this country. However; to them two they are going to make the best out of a bad situation and bring people together. I can tell you now that some people aren’t surprised that Travis is going to perform because of the famous mediocre family is now linked to but Big Boi…people are angrier with you because of the cloth you’re cut from. Once again, the world shows us what it thinks of us by not making a Hip Hop artist the headliner for the highly televised sports production and one of us jumps on stage in an attempt to, I guess, make a point. As a sports fan I could find out who won the game later but as a Hip Hop Head I definitely want to see Big Boi’s performance. My preference would have been for Outkast or someone else to be the Super Bowl LIII halftime show headliner but I’m not on the committee.

“Nobody wins when the family feuds” – Jay Z (Family Feud)

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