A Chink in the Armor

With the heightened sensitivity some populations are feeling in this racist petri dish of a country we live in it’s not farfetched to believe that your favorite popular face will say something you don’t like or agree with. However as an “adult” making their living in a public space that solicits public opinion we as the consumer have the right to hold them accountable. We understand that no one is perfect but the entertainment business is all about being perfect or at least the perception of perfection. Drake’s album came out and what do you know it didn’t go platinum the first week! Did Pusha have anything to do with this? Somewhat; I believe that Pusha was able to change the minds of many consumers but for whatever reason it didn’t translate into album sales. It did prove that Drake is not as perfect as the OVO stans make him out to be.

There is a chink in every artists’ armor. I saw someone on social media say that they weren’t going to support the NASIR project because Nas referred to Kim K-West as a “queen.” Now believe me I saw the post in real time and I cringed but I wasn’t going to boycott the album because of it. If artists were perfect there’d be no egos involved in the music industry at all. Jay Z made sure his joint album with his wife took some of Nas’ shine away…why because he’s an emcee with pride and ego. We know Jay and Kanye have issues and we know the history between Jay and Nas. You don’t need to know any math properties to figure that part out. Artists let us down time in and time out, time and time again. The armor is just so shiny from all of the money they flash on social media that we can’t see the chinks but that’s the point of stunting right?

Being insecure is a natural human emotion that most Rappers feel once they’ve been pushed into superstardom. You gain all these friends because you have money and you use the money to build a wall around yourself so that no one knows the real you. Who knows what some of your favorites might do if they even thought for a second that we saw that they weren’t “perfect.” That’s why a lot of artists abuse drugs, women, and money. What would some of you do if you found out your favorite Rapper wasn’t perfect? Some of you know your favorite Rapper isn’t perfect but you glaze over and ignore their shenanigans and stunts instead of calling them out as if they’re wearing the emperor’s new clothes.

“You know I could be your knight in shining Armor All tires.” – Drake (Cameras)

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