A Lifetime of Oppression

INHI have no clue how to start this off so excuse me and I warn you this post might make some people upset but you don’t have to read my post. Black people have been wrongly murdered before our ancestors stepped on this land. Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Emmett Till are one in the same. The struggle was never over the struggle will continue until we as a people wake up! I’ve done too many blogs about how we need to stand up for ourselves as a race. I repeatedly tell you all that hashtags and posts won’t change the problem. I’ve mentioned how racism and prejudice is engrained into not only North American society but the world over. Think back to Africa pre-white man. Pre-pillaging. Africa as a continent is geographically located in a place on earth that cultivates the world’s richest natural resources. Other countries have been stealing from the land, the people, and the culture since Africa was discovered by foreigners. Fast forward we’re here working as slaves under the Willie Lynch mentality that influenced Jim Crow laws that have evolved into the laws we see on the books today.

Back then you better be ready because dogs, hoses, and the KKK were definitely going to be in your physical presence. Guaranteed to get hosed guaranteed to get bitten by dogs. Guaranteed to go to jail and guaranteed no medical help. Call me Daisy Bates, call me Angela Davis. I am them and they are me and us includes we. Black people I’m begging you to do something! I know this might sound irrelevant right now but we need to vote! The only reason they can pass these laws is because we are not electing officials that will pass legislation to change the current legislation. Please understand that these crimes that we see against our people seem few and far in between because only certain cases are somehow able to get media attention. I have barely seen any media coverage of what’s going on in St. Louis. Eric Garner has faded away in light of this new situation and apparently LAPD has their hands full right now. These crimes against black people happen EVERY SINGLE DAY! Just because YOU’RE not aware of it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening, you can breathe can’t you?

Looting and burning down our own communities is never the answer. I’m not an advocate for violence but we need to mobilize into the neighborhoods that look down upon us. I bet these ‘goons’ wouldn’t ride out at a klan meeting. The military has already been called in and I know the local ku klux klan is prepared for any situation. White America has always been afraid of the black man’s intelligence and potential and they gun us down because they are afraid that one day we will in fact realize our potential and take over American society. That is their nightmare! That’s why they stole from Africa that’s why they enslaved us. Look at Africa today, our young girls are still being raped, young boys homeless, while parents die of AIDS or other diseases injected into the people by man. ‘Miss Evers’ Boys’ was a true story! Busy screaming ‘free this fool’ for committing the same crime as these crooked cops. There are so many things we can do to uplift ourselves from the programming on BET to the types of morals and values we pass on to our kids. Do we even have those things anymore? When did we lose them? We are as strong as our weakest person.

There’s nothing I can say or do on my own that will effect national change. We have to do it together. We elected Barack Obama, the first black President of the United States, therefore I know we can make a change in this country but we have to do it together. I am deeply saddened by the homicide of any black person resulting in societal prejudices by anyone non-Black. I want you all to care. Half of those people that were looting probably did it because it was the cool fun thing to do at the time but I want you to stay mad. I want you to hold on to these feelings. The only reason Mike Brown is getting this attention is because people are still outraged by Eric Garner’s death which happened not even one month ago. If we lived with these burdens on our minds that becomes the fuel for social action, change, and progress. It’s bigger than Hip Hop but Hip Hop music is that vehicle for social action, change, and progress. They’re not marching and they’re not making any socially conscious music so in a time like this we need to cut off the bullshit and listen to songs like BDP ‘Self Destruction’, Queen Latifah’s ‘UNITY’, P.E.’s ‘Fight the Power’, and Dead Prez’s ‘It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop’ just to keep us in a constant state of awareness. No non-black will ever know what it means to be black and they never will so we have to stand up for ourselves because nobody has our best interest in mind except us or do we?

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