Joi Tramuel is a proud graduate of Norfolk State University where she obtained both her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Master’s degree in Urban Education. Being of the Hip Hop generation she has always had an affinity for Hip Hop Culture as well as education.

Working closely with African-American youths in the community provided her the opportunity to develop a creative style while facilitating group therapy sessions. She began utilizing Hip Hop in her daily lessons and interventions with at-risk youth and their families. Hip Hop music over the past several years has seen a decline in integrity and morality. Realizing that the quality was beginning to be squandered by executives, labels, and others who are only concerned with making themselves wealthy with disregard to the effect it will have on the youth and the younger Rappers. 

As the Executive Director It is my duty as an educator, an African-American, a woman, and as a participant of Hip Hop Culture to fulfill the need for educating youth on Hip Hop History and uphold the integrity of Hip Hop Culture by teaching young people self-awareness, healthy living skills, and a host of other things that will benefit them as a person throughout their lives.

Since working in the community with at-risk youth and their families Ms. Tramuel has remained committed to using Hip Hop in her curriculum to educate young men and women about the negative consequences associated with behaviors involving drugs, alcohol, violence, and premarital sex. She continues to work in the community doing public speaking engagements, facilitating workshops on our Four Initiatives using Hip Hop in group setting and larger audiences of all ages. Ms. Tramuel is a former member of the National Career Development Association, The Society for the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, the Cultural Studies Association, and is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Ms. Tramuel talking to parents about how they can use Hip Hop with their children at home.
Ms. Tramuel doing an after-school session with a group of middle school girls on demeanor and self-control.


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