Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

We are officially at war Hip Hop Heads. Last night while some of you were sleeping the U.S. deployed missiles into Syria. A country that has been fighting since the Arab Spring in 2011. Imagine waking up to the sound of a missile crashing down on you. We are not safe, we are just as at risk of a bombing as any other country. With our current administration in place this country is absolutely in trouble. We have to mobilize and get involved because things are spiraling out of control. For years Emcees and Rappers have used their platform to elevate into other realms of entertainment and business endeavors. There has yet to be any crossover into politics. There have been Rappers who’ve gone to Washington D. C. and spoke on behalf of the Hip Hop community on certain issues. 2 Live Crew went to the U.S. Supreme Court and won for our community’s right to express ourselves as we see fit. We have the Congressional Black Caucus and the Hip Hop Caucus so why aren’t we using these platforms along with the music to get ourselves and our youth motivated to mobilize?

While French Montana was the hot topic for the day your government was bombing other countries and making rash decisions that will affect you no matter what you think. Twenty three year old Rapper, Chance the Rapper has been very active in his community and is very public and engages his Hip Hop fan base to engage and motivate them to mobilize and be more politically aware and active. Chance is a great example on not leaving your community behind and using your platform to better your community. There are Rapper that forget their old neighborhood and sometimes it may be for good reason. However you can’t just leave your people behind because someone gave you a chance to get out. We let our own power go and the people that have it are misusing it. We can take control, starting with young people. We can’t have the youth continuing to come up in these same systems of corruption.

Whom else outside of Chance would be a realistic choice to hold political office? Ronald Ragan was an actor so was Arnold Schwarzenegger and we have Trump the reality star. The people that we have in place are not doing their job Hip Hop Heads so we are going to have to do our part. If Chance the Rapper actually does decide to run for Mayor of the City of Chicago I encourage every Hip Hop Head residing in that locale to vote for Chancelor Bennett! I believe that Chance could make some real changes and the support of a lot of the local agencies, especially the public school system. If Chance did win do you think he’d be corrupted or stand firm on his beliefs? Politics are tricky and if you’re not in power you’re done. The majority has regained control and of the Presidency and they are using their power to its absolute limit. When you gain this type of power you usually test it out first but it’s “deeper than the Sleepers, the Jeeper Creep up on your block and cops Clock-us, try to Baller Block-us, use Absolute Power.”

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