Age Gracefully

I want to be a little lighthearted for this week’s piece. As some of you may or may not know the Migos are continuing their “beef” with Rapper turned culture critic, Joe Budden. In a new song hook writer of the group, Quavo called Joe a “hater”. Now I was hearing bits and pieces about this but now that I have the full story lets laugh a little. I don’t care what anyone says, none of these young rappers want it with any of the OGs. The “lil’s” don’t want it with the “old heads”. Migos don’t want no smoke! They don’t want no static and they don’t want no problems with Joseph Anthony Budden II. I’m talking about in the streets and I’m talking about on wax. I know that you young people think that just because a Rapper isn’t “relevant” or popular right now within mainstream Rap music that means they’re a punk or weak in some form. You youngsters need to read up on Joey.

I mean we know Joe could lyrically body the entire QC roster and I’m not condoning violence. Joe is from Harlem and represents New Jersey so I’m pretty sure the whole tri-state area would represent for Joe just like I expect all of Atlanta to represent for the Migos. Joe has a following that has still supported him since “Pump It Up”! When you’re a real emcee you can come out at any time during any era and rap! Joe has remained sharp with Slaughterhouse Gang and now with Everyday Struggle. Just because you’re not a part of the movement doesn’t mean it isn’t there gaining more and more traction. Migos could fall off at any time yet Joe Budden has been in the game for over a decade. Why? How? Quality music and quality bars. That one Playskool line where Quavo calls Joe a hater is something any one of us could’ve written but I think Quavo just wanted to make sure that Joe heard him loud and clearly. Well, Joe heard you and so did the culture.

Aging gracefully in the Rap industry is a hard task that not every artist is able to do and that’s if they have the chance to do so. Drugs, physical ability, and financial status all play a part in whether or not an act is able to age gracefully in this game. Some of the greats have died at a young age because of physical ailments like diabetes and heart disease. Some of the greats have died as a direct result of their drug habits. Some of the greats have died because they didn’t have enough money to take care of a routine medical needs. So to be able to maintain all of that and still be a sharp wordsmith is not a small feat Hip Hop heads. You have to squash old beefs like Hov and Jaz-O. You have to have something to say if you want people to listen past your five minutes of fame.

“Sit down. Be humble.” – Kendrick Lamar (Humble)

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