All Falls Down

The numbers are in! Hold on, we don’t care about numbers. We care about bars but if we didn’t hear them are they any good? Woe is Nicki. Let me tell you, listening to her interview on TIDAL was cringe worthy for various reasons but this weekend the Queen of Queens saw her career almost go up in flames. Nicki has not had a good look in a long while. The singles that were released were not mainstream hits, the album cover was not a hit, the title wasn’t a hit, and the project is expected to debut at #2 behind Travis Scott’s Astroworld. On one hand Nicki holds her accolades high on a pedestal and on the other hand she holds her lyrics up just as high. She should boast and brag because she has reached heights that no other lady emcee has. However, when one of these falls short do you rely more heavily on what’s in the other hand?

Your light can shine without you dimming the light of others. Don’t brag about how you write your own rhymes to spite one lady rapper when you’re next door bragging about your plaques to spite another. All the hypersexuality, the “borrowed” persona, the relationship drama, and the behind the scenes antics cannot be how you define your brand. When the analytics don’t add up good bars always will but if the rollout went up in flames I’m not jumping into the fire. This is why good Hip Hop always prevails. If your bars are up to par you don’t need to troll people on social media. If your bars are up to par you don’t need to be overtly sexual in every photo. If your bars are up to par you don’t need to push merch to boost album sales, if your bars are up to par you don’t need to sub other rappers in your interviews.  If you bars were up to par you wouldn’t have to justify low album sales.

When it all falls down the rhymes should be speaking for you. It’s funny because everything she’s mentioned on her press run would probably have went over better if she had put it all in the music. Then maybe the songs would have been better but instead you took up smoking marijuana…at the age of 35. None of her major ventures outside of music have been as successful. The perfume, the MYX, and the clothing line never caught on with the public. Maybe if she put out a long freestyle telling us the truth about her career over the last three years. If you started off giving us bars you have to keep that up. No matter if the rest of the game gets lazy, complacent, or high you have to maintain your brand standard. You can’t water down or dumb down your lyrics just because they’re doing it because the higher you go the harder you’ll fall.

“Where the real queens at? Shout out Capone and Noreaga!” – Lil Wayne (Believe Me)

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