All of The Lights

The Rap game is a small part of the music industry that falls within the realms of entertainment. Behind the scenes and under all of the fake characters and promoting false images there are a few real friendships. Real friendships go beyond all of the lights and when you’ve been working in the industry for fifteen years or longer these relationships type of relationships can be hard to come by. It can be disheartening to see people who’ve created classic pieces of music berate one another. I’m not talking about having a beef and throwing shots at each other on a record. I’m talking about airing out your frustrations with the business on social media and directing their feelings towards their “friends” in a passive aggressive manner. I am also talking about overlooking debilitating circumstances in favor of “the music” or “the culture” as oppose to making sure your “friend” is mentally, emotionally, or spiritually sound.

Some artist want the spotlight so bad they don’t want to look beyond all of the lights, the glitz, and the glamour because they’ve become obsessed with their power over the platform. If someone you know is living with a severe mental illness such as Bipolar Disorder or some form of Schizophrenia it is very important that they take their medication every day. As someone who is not a proponent of medication I cannot tell you all how vital medication management is. Kanye’s album dropped and so have the subsequent projects that he promised us, including Nas’ latest album NASIR. Any producer that’s worth listening to wants to produce for a full length Nas album. So if you’ve been part of a classic with a legend in the industry why wouldn’t you want to let one of the young producers get that shine? I’m not going to name either OG producer because one of them is tied at the number one spot as my favorite dee jay/producer of all time. After being so critical of the new generation and the younger rappers who knew that you cared so much?

Even when you’re a legend in this industry if you haven’t done anything to keep your legacy fresh or as the young people like to say “relevant” than you’ll be hard pressed when your “friend” trashes everything you both have worked on over the last few months. I mean who wouldn’t?! However to go on and retweet criticisms of your friend or the person who pretty much took your spot and snatched your dreams is a little immature especially when you know how the industry games go. If that’s your mans, your homie, or your friend pick up the phone and talk to him. Pick up the phone and make sure your friend takes their medication because the results could be more terrifying than you may think. Everyone is laughing about killing his wife is disturbing to say the least. That is an actual feeling that he felt and was possibly going to act on. So if it happens what will we say then? “I knew he was crazy, “poor Kim,” “poor Kardashian family,” “what about the kids?” Don’t let an album distract you from the fact that behind all of the lights your friend is crying out for help.

“If y’all don’t understand that, we ain’t meant to be friends.” – Jay Z (FRIENDS)

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