Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Allow me to reintroduce you to Hip Hop Culture ladies and gentlemen. It is Hip Hop History Month as deemed by the New York State Senate in 1991. Hip Hop was set out in the dark. They used to do it out in the park. The year 2017 is quickly approaching and we cannot continue to let Hip Hop Culture take a backseat to Rap music. Hip Hop music once delivered messages of Black empowerment, love, and fun. Today’s Hip Hop is just a memory for those who lived it. Today, some Rappers are clueless about the issues and only rhyme about drugs, sex, and whatever else money can buy. Hip Hop and Rap music are two different concepts that overlap in various contexts. Rap is a part of Hip Hop Culture as emceeing is one of the elements represented by Rap music and Dee Jaying, which is also another element of Hip Hop Culture.

Graffiti and breakdancing or breaking is still done in traditional and contemporary fashions. Graffiti has evolved into mural art and breaking has evolved into various dances that grace your social media timelines every day. Hip Hop and Rap music have come a long way in the last forty-odd years. Hip Hop Culture began to evolve once it was able to be monetized. Corporations and labels came in and put their stamp on what they believe Hip Hop should be. Paying Rappers to sell a certain lifestyle or negative image became easy to do without the eyes of the media behind the scenes. As technology advanced so did Hip Hop and Rap music. When Napster hit the web there was a decline in record sales like no other. The economy wasn’t what we were used to in North America and once again the Black and Brown communities suffered. There were no jobs and a lot of us were in college or graduating without a secure future. Hip Hop used to save lives but Rap became stagnant trying to figure out which direction to go.

The south was finally getting recognized for birthing legendary emcees like Bun B and Pimp C, Ludacris, T.I., Lil Wayne, and Scarface. Three 6 Mafia even won a Grammy for their work on the feature film “Hustle and Flow”. Hollywood took that southern hi-hat 808 sound and copied the formula to create the sound that we hear in Rap music today. Now we Rap music and Hip Hop available to us at our leisure with YouTube and multiple streaming services on our mobile devices. Young people don’t know that the foundation of Rap music is Hip Hop Culture and probably wouldn’t make it through one day without it. That is why Hip Hop History Month is important and that is why we need to educate our young people about our history, because if we don’t Hip Hop Culture and Rap music will be unrecognizable within the next fifteen years. Happy Hip Hop History Month for 2016!


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