Always Remember

This Memorial Day I’d like to dedicate this post to all of the people who have died on the job as security and what have you. Not a lot of thought is given to these fallen soldiers of Hip Hop. Partly because they aren’t in the public eye and don’t make enough money risking their lives protecting your favorite celebrity from you. Over the years as Hip Hop and Rap music becomes more and more profitable rappers, dee jays, graffiti writers, and even break dancers have become targets increasing the need for security and other defenses. These people have families at home and never know if their loved one is returning. Celebrity worship is something that came out of western culture and social media is a way for fans and celebrities alike to exploit each other be it good or bad. What you post on your social media account attracts a certain type of crowd. If you’re conscious you have conscious followers, if you’re trappin’ than you have other hustlers that follow you, and so on.

The world is a crazy place and you don’t know what people will do to get close to their favorite rapper or dee jay. Despite Rap music being a male driven industry the male fans are just as relentless as the women. People want pictures of their favorite Rapper even if they aren’t looking presentable for a photo. Me personally, I don’t want a picture of my favorite Rapper if they are looking unflattering. These security guards get arrested for protecting a lot of these Rappers also. Fans sue Rappers if a security guard does their job “aggressively” while the security guard catches gun charges, assault, and sometimes even gun charges all so that your favorite Rapper doesn’t lose his/her career.

From shoot outs and radio stations to shootings at an inside concert venue security guards and officers put their life at risk every moment they are on duty. The bigger the Rapper the bigger the risks. Even protecting them from protesters who have something to say about their brand of Rap music. Hip Hop Culture still has that rebellious factor which is part of the reason it’s so popular. There is a stigmatic level of danger that comes with being involved with Rap music so with that comes higher security costs, higher legal fees, higher insurance rates for shows, and so on. We as fans love Hip Hop and Rap music and if we want to continue going to concerts, club appearances, meet-n-greets, and the like than we as fans need to always remember and respect the people who are protecting our lives with their own.

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