Anybody Can Get It!

No matter if you’re Latino, African, disabled, or part of the LGBTQ community you can be disrespected, and no one will bat an eye! Kodak Black is famous for being disrespectful and saying something stupid. Kodak Black makes ignorant statements just as much as the internet makes memes. Kodak Black has never hidden his affinity for Brooklyn Rapper, Young MA. He’s made it known that he is sexually attracted to the young woman via social media but recently he expressed his desires in a verse on a newly released song. No need to provide the title because I’m sure you all are smart enough to find it online yourselves. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. In some ways this could be interpreted as sexual harassment. It’s like getting catcalled on the job, but luckily for Kodak, Young MA isn’t offended or doesn’t seem to be anyway. She may have been told by management not to say anything negative with hopes of getting a feature ormaybe she’s used to it.

Black and Latino women being sexualized within the realm of Rap music. Being reduced to your body parts for the satisfaction of a man is depressing. Kodak Black rapped that line as if all he cared about was putting his penis in any available hole given the opportunity. I’m sure Kodak Black can get any woman who wants him but I’m not one of them and money doesn’t make everybody look good. No, not because of his skin color but because of him. Anybody can get it! When MC Lyte was coming up, when Latifah were coming up they had their fare share of disrespect but I Kodak’s lyrically abilities don’t matchup with the latter and being a rapper isn’t an excuse to go around talking crazy to anyone they want.

If Rapsody came in and rhymed about how stupid Kodak Black looks would her words garner the same type of attention? If the Rugrats are rapping, then Kodak is Tommy Pickles. With the LGBTQ community making strides in society one of your favorite male rappers will be openly gay, so will young rappers keep the same energy? Imagine a gay male rapper writing a song like Biggie’s D.R.E.A.M.S.or Nicki Minaj’s Barbie Dreams? I’m laughing already! I can see all the young rappers being shook and overstating their masculinity. Someone might even put out a diss track. Oh, the headlines and innuendo would be priceless. Hey, if we can get it so can they!

“We need more spittas, less funny looking n****s.” – Young MA (Get The Bag Freestyle)

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