Appropriation’n In Politics

As the 2016 Presidential Election gets closer candidates are doing everything they can to pander to the Black community that doesn’t involve actually doing some work in our communities. They are taking cues from our current President Barack Obama and utilizing social media to reach the younger generation. Hip Hop, that’s you! The younger Black community is the bull’s eye. The Black vote is probably the most coveted vote in North American political history. They want our vote but candidates hardly ever pass any laws that positively affect our community but they want to appropriate our culture to gain our votes. Some of us don’t even realize it and we think that they are just relating to our generation. Hilary Clinton is on The Ellen Show hitting the Nae Nae while Bernie Sanders is sitting down with Killer Mike to have a real conversation on real issues.These candidates will do anything they can for your vote. The black vote is like a car in some ways, you will pay for it but soon as the election is over and you take it off the lot the value depreciates to almost half of what you actually paid for it. We need to get active and be more politically aware. Being Black is popular and has always been but no one still wants to be a Black-American. No one wants to go through the struggles that we’ve been through but they want to be cool enough with us to learn our culture and to continue to steal our ideas, thoughts, inventions, and whatever else the Europeans (white folks) want.

With the approach of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday lets reflect on what this country could be instead of what it really is, a mess. We need to get more involved in the political process after President Obama leaves office. We need to stop allowing people to appropriate our culture to hoodwink us into thinking that we have been accepted in their circles! Accept each other and lend a helping hand to people in your own community. The same way some of you only voted for Obama because he was Black, take that same thought out into the community and support mom and pop shops and small business owners because they’re Black. Let them know that appropriation is not appropriate or appreciated.

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