April Showers Bring May Flowers

The loss of Nipsey Hussle has clearly effected the world over and although, a lot of people weren’t familiar with him or his music his death has opened the eyes of many. April showers bring May flowers. There will be better days and as we continue to bereave our brother I want to take this moment to discuss mental health and the implications that are involve the trauma of suddenly losing a loved one. Like most of you, I didn’t know Nipsey personally but, I have had my familial experiences with death. Let me be the first to say that you may never get over the loss of a loved one no matter how old they are. What makes the difference is how you bounce back from trauma and using whatever coping skills you have learned or been taught growing up. Some people don’t have any healthy coping skills leading them to use drugs, engage in acts of violence, or live recklessly.

It’s not enough to ask yourself, “what would Nipsey do?” especially if you’re not going to follow through with what Nipsey would do. We have to grow and continue to live our lives to the fullest. Get off of social media and live your lives! When you leave here people are going to unfollow and unfriend you unless you were a large part of their life. They might write RIP or RIH on your page but they aren’t going to your gravesite. Make real moves and stop living for other people. It is not hard to get with like-minded people and get those squares out of your circle. Use social media for good instead of the bullsh*t. There is so much information available at your fingertips and the first page of the Google search doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Some people will be mad that they are getting left but, if they put in the work they can catch up.

How many people do you know want something for nothing? How many people do you know that are willing to put in the work but they’ve never held a job? Do you know how hard it is to develop a work ethic after never having worked a legit job in twenty years? Some of us are lazy mentally and physically so even the thought of having to go to work is daunting. Having to invest more than you get back and having no immediate big payday in sight worries some people. Which is understandable because people have families to take care of but, if you get killed or go to jail who is going to take care of your family then? There is always a lesson to learn in the midst of a tragedy. No conspiracy theories involving the government or your local police department will surround your death. So make sure you’re planting your May flowers before those April showers or your family won’t blossom.

“April showers when they lay me down. Underground, I won’t smell the flowers.” Big K.R.I.T. (Keep It Boomin)

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