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Are We Coming or Going?

Hip Hop Culture like most cultures is regulated by its people. Those within the culture or elders are the ones who make the determination as to what goes, what stays, what’s good, and what’s bad. The elders make these decisions because they’ve been around the longest and they know the culture better than anyone. Young people can change the rules but they still have to be within the realms designated by the elders. If you’re not rapping, you’re singing but a young Teddy Riley came along and gave us New Jack Swing. There is a lot of gray area within Hip Hop and that’s because we allow it and the face of the culture is the youth. Most nineteen year old’s I come into contact with are just living young, wild, and free as they should. The elders are responsible for upholding the core values, the tradition, and the integrity of the culture. That is why the streets dictate the culture while the industry dictates the boardroom.

We can’t allow anyone from outside the culture to dictate any rules and regulations that our elders don’t cosign. I don’t care how great of an entertainer they are and what they’ve contributed we can’t just let the young kids drive the luxury car after having their license for only five years. Attempting to change a narrative or control the media for personal gain is not respectable. A lot of white rappers go back and forth between Rap and Rock only coming back to Rap when no one else wants to work with them. Post Malone like the Beastie Boys was doing Rock until he came across White Iverson and the rest is the history we’re living in. Drake’s so mad he lost the battle with Pusha T he has to sit down with LeBron James, someone else who doesn’t dictate the culture, to complain and restart up something that his OG told him to dead. Are we coming or going here people? How are we letting this guy change the rules?

In the Black community if someone hits you you’re going to hit them back. News flash; other ethnicities don’t follow that cultural tidbit and guess what if your child hits them back their parents are going to complain because they want to know why their child is crying. These are the same parents who wants their child to get a participation trophy. We have to get a handle on the culture because the rules change every day based on monetary gains. What do we gain from throwing the culture under the bus? What do we gain for making money the end all be all in a space that was created for creatives? The real question is what do we have to lose…Hip Hop.

You don’t know whether you’re coming or going. But you think that you’re on your way. – Lil Wayne (Mirror)

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