Awaken My Love!

Good morning Vietnam! Oh wait, we’re not at war but today Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. Today people from all walks of life are coming together to protest, some are gathering to celebrate, and it seems like the rest of the country is in political purgatory. What is funny to me is that more people were invested in the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown media bait than they are in the executive branch of our government. If we could harness that same energy into our communities, young people, and our economic power we would be more powerful than any other ethnicity in this country. The LGBTQ community protested by throwing dance party at the doorstep of Vice-President Elect Mike Pence’s doorstep! Now, if it were a group of Black, Brown, and Red folks we know how it would’ve played out. Only white folks are allowed to gather in a public place without any repercussions. Anyway, I didn’t hear anything about an impromptu Hip Hop/Rap concert at Trump Towers.

We as a people and a culture have been taught to underestimate our own abilities despite being a powerhouse to influence real change in aspects of society throughout the world. J. Cole dropped a song for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and everybody else just posted a photo of Dr. King. T.I. is on a whole new wave of sociopolitical awareness but every Harris article online is about his relationship with Tiny. Open your eyes and awaken my love! Kanye, Ray Lewis, Steve Harvey, MLK III, and now Chrisette Michelle are all hustlers. We already knew that Ray Lewis and Steve Harvey are famous for their soft-shoe antics and if you didn’t know Martin Luther King, III has tried to sell out his father’s legacy. Don’t be fooled by who Trump is photographed with over the next four years because I’m sure he doesn’t know any of these folks. He knows Steve Harvey because Steve already sold his soul in advance when he got that hefty bag from The Miss Universe Pageant which is owned by Trump. We have to stay focused on our communities and help each other when we are in need because the next four years will have a lot of us walking on eggshells.

Remember Kanye West and a lot of Rappers are in a different tax bracket than we are so they’ll be getting tax cuts while our taxes increase. Your President won’t be Black anymore; he’ll be orange on the outside and green on the inside. You can tweet about being “woke” all day but actions speak louder than words. What are you doing to keep the community thriving? What are you going to do over the next four years to better your community and impact the youth? Wake up and stop indulging in these media frenzies and watch the news so you can stay on top of what Trump and Pence are doing. Watch Fox News so you can know what rhetoric they’re spitting to their demographic. Watch MSNBC, CNN, NPR, social media, and radio because the next four years should consist of harsh criticisms of our government. Get up, stand up! Barack Obama brought Hip Hop into The White House, a building that only accepted minorities as maids, cooks, and other professions that were seen as subservient. Hip Hop Culture bows down to no one! If anything, they should be bowing down to us.