Back to Black

What a whirlwind of a week! Black, Black, Black, Black! Kodak doesn’t like it and Chyna is “acting like it”. There have been Africans living around the globe literally since the dawn of mankind but being Black in the U.S. is an experience like none other. The self-hatred that was engrained into our mental state is strong; strong enough to have lasted for generations. Although Black Americans have reached alleged levels of success we are still reminded every day that we are Black and that being Black is worse than being a poor white person, a dog, and sometimes some people would rather be dead than be Black. The amount of disrespect that Black Americans feel on a daily basis is alarming to say the least. If you don’t know the story of O.J. Simpson he actually believed that he was equal to his white counterparts when he was convicted of murdering Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Kodak Black recently came under scrutiny because he said that he “prefers” dark-skinned Black women because he doesn’t like his own complexion and that light-skinned Black women are easier to handle. French Montana only a few months ago was called out for calling a Black woman on Twitter a “musty crusty dusty rusty ass hoe. With nappy ass poetic justice braids”. Then this week Black Chyna is celebrated and hated after her “revenge plot” was shared online via Rob Kardashian, Jr. The fact that this man publicly shared a video of a Black woman having sex was disgusting and ridiculous.

No one on this planet capes for Black women except Black women. No one on this planet capes for Black men harder than Black women and no one capes harder for Black children than Black women. No one capes harder for the Black family like Black women all resulting in Black women being the “forgotten” minority the word over. Black people have been physically free from slavery for almost 200 years but our mental state has a long way to go. Being Black is an indescribable experience that everyone who isn’t Black wants to have but soon as something negative happens we’re relegated to “niggerdom”. How can we give Kodak Black a “pass” for being misunderstood and young but what Black Chyna did to the only living male Kardashian was expected? We as the public may have thought she was scheming because we can’t truly be happy for anyone in our community. Black Chyna is just as much a part of Hip Hop/Rap as Mrs. Kardashian-West. Same goes for Amber Rose, Karrueche Tran, and the others who were made famous simply based off of their romantic relationships; not their talent as they might try to tell you. Kodak is no different than any other performer and he should be held accountable for his words.

Why doesn’t Kodak like his own complexion? Perhaps after years of being told you’re Black and ugly the two words became synonymous and he internalized those words. Whether they came from a white man or a Black woman it obviously hurt his self-esteem deeply culminating in the controversy he’s had as of late. Everyone mentioned in this piece needs some type of positive self-talk lessons. French Montana only released “Unforgettable” as a way to prove that he is “down” for Blackness, after all he is from Africa and there is no racism in the Motherland. (Sarcasm, hope you heard it.) You don’t need to post nude photos of yourself for likes when you have something the world wants; melanin and the Black experience. While we’re posting nudes they’re posting the Jamaican food they supposedly cooked to prove that they are “down” for Blackness when in reality they’re secretly celebrating the fact that their children don’t have a darker skin tone. We have to be proud of each other and hold ourselves accountable for every word and every action. We have to go back to Black…so we don’t crack(er).

“I want everything black (That we don’t believe) – Kendrick Lamar (The Blacker the Berry)

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