Bar for Bar

We haven’t had the battle Rap or the Rap battle discussion in a good while. I am even more excited that we are not talking about Meek Mill and Drake this time! Ladies and gentlemen we are in the midst of the first mainstream Rap battle between two women since Foxy Brown and Lil Kim! Although Kim nor Foxy never directly exchanged bars on wax we all know why the Thelma and Louise album never came to fruition. Anyway, if you’ve been with us early on you know I wanted Remy to go after Nicki when she first came home but I changed my tune because I realized there’re enough Rap fans out there for everybody to eat and even though I’m not a fan of Nicki Minaj I respect her features and those moments when she really rhymes. We all know Remy Ma(rtin)’s history of battling and the now infamous battle she had against Lady Luck. It’s funny when you have a respectable opinion on Hip Hop matters because my phone blew up like Remy mentioned my name in ShETHER!

Nicki and Remy have been trading bars low key for a while now but nothing as public, direct, or serious as the Remy record. Remy Ma is a very confident emcee and is willing and ready to body any emcee at any moment. Remy is what some might call T.T.G. or trained to go. The track is six minutes and fifty-eight seconds long. No singing with auto-tune just a classic beat with bars. This battle is not being decided by social media, this battle is being judged by the people! Nicki can’t post any memes, she can only respond with bars at this point. Remy merely responded to the bars Nicki spit on her new collaboration with Gucci Mane, Make Love. Honestly, I heard the Gucci song prior to and just thought “she can’t be talking to Remy” and left it at that. I was trying to give Nicki the benefit of the doubt because she has a lot to lose and you can’t gamble away your future like this but I see I was wrong.

The hypocrisy is that when Meek and Drake were battling it was decided by memes but when the women battle the music was accompanied by the memes. Men and women have always been measured differently in the Rap game and that includes battling. QOTD doesn’t get as much attention or views as KOTD. Men and women have never been on equal playing fields based simply off how much we get paid in comparison. Nicki can’t respond to this and will just have to take it as a loss. If she does respond there’ll be too much pressure so whatever she drops won’t be as impactful. It would be great to hear two emcees that wear lipstick battle on wax but what do I know, I’m just a fan of the culture.

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