2018 is starting off well if I do say so myself. For the culture anyway we’ve entered into a new dimension it seems where people are being held accountable for biting someone else’s style. Can you believe that? I was taken aback a bit. After giving in to all of the fans Skillz graced us with the 2017 Rap Up and unbeknownst to many people Uncle Murda now known as Lenny Grant has been releasing his own version of the highly anticipated satirical rhyme scheme for several years now. The thing is that the “Rap Up” dropped by Mr. Grant hardly ever reaches anyone outside of New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. So Skillz went on wax and dropped Murda Gram dissing Uncle Murda. See young people when someone admires you they may try to imitate you. It’s cool but it’s not until they approach you and start asking where you buy your stuff or they may start doing their hair likes yours. The problem comes when you don’t support them stealing your swag. Uncle Murda had been reaching out to Skillz trying to convince him to collaborate and release a “joint Rap Up”.

Now imagine Skillz bringing someone in on something he created and clearly doesn’t need any help in making successful. Lenny wasn’t in the gym when Skillz was writing the rhymes in the studio! The problem is with this new day is that people think that they are owed something even if they didn’t put in any work. If we’re not friends, acquaintances, homies, or associates I don’t owe you anything. Yes you want to help out the people in your community but not if they’ve been disrespectful or blatantly rude in public and in person. It’s not always okay to let someone copy your style. If everyone’s the same who’s the superstar that’ll move the culture forward. It’s always easiest to do something that’s already working. It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon and ride someone’s coattails but don’t get mad when they start mistaking you for the one you’re imitating.

How frustrating was it for Desiigner to have people constantly reference Future when speaking or about him? The thing about “Rap Up-Gate” is that even though we live in a world where Rappers can duplicate each other’s styles the culture put Lenny “Uncle Murda” Grant in his place. Sometimes when we think you young people are taking the culture for granted you show us that you know a little something. I was going to chalk it up to the fact that you young people probably don’t know who Uncle Murda is so you just joined the Skillz bandwagon because he’s who you’re familiar with. The biter in this situation was clearly wrong and the culture dealt with him accordingly. I’d be surprised if Uncle Murda dropped anymore pseudo-Rap Up’s after this.

“Beat biter, dope style taker, originator. Or just an imitator” – Missy Elliott (Beat Biters)


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