Once Upon A Time

The best deal going this weekend is the revived beef between Cam’ron and Mase. I don’t care about anything Post Malone has to say because it will only make him more popular but this Harlem stuff if what Hip Hop Culture is made of. Mase and Cam’ron’s issues go all the way back to the Horse & Carriage days. The things that have transpired between Cam, Dipset, and Mason Betha. A lot of what is going on boils down to loyalty. Coming in the music industry at a young age with your friends can take its toll on your friendship and your business. Executives a lot of times get into the ear of the artist and will have them doing things they wouldn’t normally do and tell you “its business”. Even in the music industry, hurt people hurt people and sometimes using someone else’s business model isn’t a good idea because things can backfire. If Dame hadn’t conspired to create a “fake beef” maybe Dipset wouldn’t have broken up. The thing the young people have to remember about this situation is that there was no social media in the nineties so a lot of what is being talked about will be new information to a lot of Dipset fans and Cam’ron is a social media maven.

Artists listen to these executives and think that they are on a level that they aren’t and in the 21st century the internet will humble you. Russell Simmons has been pushed into the spotlight after allegations of sexual assault/rape by a woman who claims to have been 17 at the time of the incident. I’m no expert but Russell Simmons met his first wife Kimora Lee when she was 17 and he was 35. He also use to be a heavy drug abuser. Although he’s “turned his life around” today that doesn’t absolve him from any past transgressions. So believe you me if they are going after Russell the rest of our favorite rappers could be next. Rap music wasn’t always misogynistic but you don’t have a hit if you don’t have one line about sexually assaulting a woman. Yes, video vixens are people too. You don’t know who they can trust even if it’s someone they’ve known their whole lives.

Once upon a time in Hip Hop there was accountability. Men held each other accountable for their actions against women. Once upon a time in Hip Hop friends could make money together without the business getting in the way. Maybe it depends on where you are in your career and whether that will affect those around you. If you’re the money maker your circle will keep your skeletons in the closet until it no longer benefits them. Then all of a sudden information gets “leaked” or a video surfaces of an artist doing something they shouldn’t have. Are we going to get back to that or will we continue to live in this fairytale of fake rappers, fake executives, fake beefs, fake reverends, and fake news. Just because you trust them doesn’t mean they have your best interest in mind.

“Y’all niggas know holla at me if it’s any beef” –Cam’ron (I’m Ready)

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