Black Women & Rap II

Rick Ross may be the biggest boss but women run the world without a doubt. On Monday Miami mogul Rick Ross was on Power105’s Breakfast Club Morning Show talking about his new ventures and his Maybach Music Group. Ross started the interview flirting with the only lady co-host, Ms. Angela Yee, and those are the types of exchanges they have whenever he visits the station. Angela Yee appears to be fine with the flirting as some of us women do enjoy a little affection but I’m sure part of her is allowing it for job security. During the interview Ms. Yee asks a very valid question as to why Ricky Rozay has never signed a woman to his record label and Ross answers the question with every ounce of misogyny that he has in his body and simply says that he would want to and have to have sexual relations with whomever the woman might be. Of course the part-time peanut gallery leader Charlamagne tha God laughed because he’s that type of guy. We’ve talked about his before with Black Women & Rap last year Hip Hop Heads and it is disappointing to discuss again this year.

This is the same Miami Rapper that rhymed on U.O.E.N.O. By Rocko “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it. I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain't even know it.” If this was a court of law and he was charged with a crime of a sexual nature you don’t think that these rhymes and this interview is going to come up? If they’re willing to get photos off of your Instagram page and tweets from your Twitter account everything else is fair game. We cannot blame Hip Hop/Rap music for any of this but I am going to hold Mr. Roberts accountable for his words and I’m going to let you men and you women know something. Women run this here earth and everything you all do is to impress us. Women stop what you are doing and realize what these men want from us. If a man will give you anything you desire just to be “close” to you why wouldn’t you hold him to it? Out of every population or demographic Black women are discriminated against the most. Be it for ethnicity, gender, salary, jobs, or making large purchases such as a car or a house people hate on Black women because we work harder than anyone else.

Women should not be subjected to working with men who cannot control themselves. You are not a child and you wouldn’t want anyone to treat your mother the same way or speak to your sister in a negative tone of voice. If Black women are not cherished and loved by our own men then who is going to love us? P. Diddy sent out a tweet yesterday showing his love and support for Black women and white women couldn’t handle it and standing by their side were boot-licking men who can’t stand when Black women are recognized for being the cradle of civilization. There’s actually a term for it called “white-womaning”; I didn’t know this term existed but I’m glad it does because you don’t have to be a white woman to do it. So aside from not meeting EEOC criteria at your record label Mr. MMG you are basically telling young women who want to Rap that if they want to sign to MMG they have to sleep with you. I don’t know about you all but it isn’t worth it. Ask the family of the young girls who live with Robert Kelly in Illinois and Georgia if they feel like it was worth it. Women have to respect themselves if they want men to change and men have to respect women if they want what they ultimately want from us which is simply to be loved.

"You say I'm nothing without ya, but I'm nothing with ya" – Queen Latifah (U.N.I.T.Y.)

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