Blood’s Boiling

Well, well, well here it is another weekend and I’m out of town just as Tekashi69 gets what he’s been waiting for…a response from YG. We’ve discussed violence in the rap game, gang culture in the rap game, clout chasing, and everything in between but this guy must not be listening to me. We all know Tekashi has been trolling any and everybody but YG is the only one who hadn’t really responded. YG is a card carrying L.A. Blood representer who grew up in real gang culture. People who have gone through those experiences would have rather not had those experiences. So for someone to antagonize you and your culture as a way to “come up” or “market” themselves. YG is a very intelligent and seems to have some sense of self-awareness with how he speaks on camera and how he brings the gang culture into his onstage “persona.” (I used quotations because YG seems to be himself on and offstage.)

Tekashi was in L.A. on social media making comments about YG knowing that he was in New York. It is clear that YG has never been in the same vicinity as Tekashi69. Tekashi knows he doesn’t want any smoke with YG but he is steadily playing with fire. What’s the use of provoking someone to harm you? You think YG is the only gang member who wants to get at Tekashi69? It doesn’t matter what colors Tekashi is claiming because he’s watering down the culture with his antics. Tekashi’s money isn’t long enough to protect him from all the sharks. So if he doesn’t have any major records outside of that one song that I’m not going to name his well will dry up fairly quickly.

I’m making this short, simple, and sweet today. Tekashi doesn’t want the problems that come with YG or anyone like him. You have to be smart even when you’re playing stupid. I’m not really sure what type of career Tekashi is planning on having in the next five years but he better figure it out sooner than later because his fifteen minutes of fame are almost up. YG might even think about this whole situation and change his mind about “interacting” with 69 because he already knows the end of the story. He’s been there, done that, and has the T-shirt. Tekashi69 hasn’t been anywhere, hasn’t done anything, and if he doesn’t stop playing around he’s going to have blood(s) on that T-shirt he’s trying to get.

“They ain’t never bool they better respect your life.” -YG (Bool, Balm, & Bollective)

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