Bombs Over Baghdad or Afghanistan?

Good morning on this Good Friday of 2017 Hip Hop Heads! We got DAMN today and I’m sure that’s the same sentiment in Afghanistan after being bombed by our country. We don’t know what other countries or other emcees are capable of. Kendrick received ridiculous criticisms of his use of jazz and blues in his music and this new album has Mr. Duckworth spitting over more up-tempo instrumentals alongside those jazzy melodies that the rest of us love so much. We can’t underestimate any terrorist group or any Rapper in the game because their reaction to what we put out there could result in a reaction that we aren’t prepared for. Underestimating someone or something is similar to taking someone for granted or challenging them in some way. We bombed ISIS and allegedly killed 36 members of the group but how do think a terrorist group is going to react? We can ponder as to why Kendrick chose to name his album DAMN but my estimation is that the title is the listener’s reaction to hearing the project. This is the Kendrick we challenged to “do something different” and what we got in return is an album that made us say, damn.

Remember that for every action there is an equal yet opposite reaction. September 11th wasn’t the first tie our country has been attacked by another country or a terrorist group. Don’t get it twisted The United States of America is not too good, too big, too smart, or too powerful to be a target. I reside in an area that is heavily populated by the military and NASA laboratories so I know the area I live in is a possible target. Big Sean and Drake reside in the top emcee space right now and you don’t think they’re targets? Black Hippy is a group of terroristic emcees that rival other Rap crews so if Cole and the rest want war they’re ready to bring it. Don’t think that ISIS isn’t out here listening to Rap music either. ISIS may be turning up to Future and Migos while they are beheading their victims. Music is powerful and very influential.

This country is at war and Asia is not afraid of us. (Yes, the continent because a lot of the Asian countries hate us.) Only in the U.S.A. will we think that being loud and obnoxious is the best way to go about things. So we drop huge bombs that we wouldn’t normally use. Only in Rap music will a direct shot be seen as the best way to go about things. Sometimes it is those who are cool, calm, and collected making a real impact. We’ll see if any of the top Rappers feel the need to put out a real diss track to K. Dot after listening to the new album and we’ll see what other countries are going to jump into this war which is much ado about nothing. It’s all about who the best emcee is and which country has the biggest schlong. I won’t get into how it’s just a bunch of men and their egos but that is what Hip Hop was built on. Do not mistake these Rappers for jokes and do not mistake these terrorists for one either or we’ll all be damned.

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