Celebrities don’t usually frequent places like the grocery store, daycare, or the gym so when they do cross paths it’s probably at a “work” related event such as award shows, red carpets, the studio, or events like ComplexCon. Forcing yourself on people is never a good idea but Tekashi69 doesn’t seem to be getting the message. Slim 400 straight up blocked 69 from entering the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center where the festival was being held. There’s video of Tekashi trying to upholding his tough rapper image while men who might be security or friends grazing him with their hands as if they’re holding him back from a fight. I’m going to be honest and let you all know that I initially thought Slim was YG in the video.

I am literally waiting for all of these antics to blow up Tekashi’s face. I don’t know how or when this is going to happen but it’s definitely going to happen. As someone who was just in a courtroom being thankful for getting sentenced to four years of probation instead of years in state prison as a registered sex offender you would think he’d keep a low profile. Tekashi is like Hip Hop’s Chihuahua just so relentless and determined, which are all great qualities to have but directing them in the wrong direction is all I see going on here. The way the prison industrial system works is by allowing criminals to rack up so many charges only to extend your suspended sentences just to give you a football number you won’t want to do at the most inopportune time.

69 is not a complex person but I want to know who is in his head because I don’t believe that he is coming up with this all on his own. That’s’ where it does get complicated. For years record labels have used bad publicity to make money off of their artists whether they were in on the joke or not. Tekashi has to leave his alleged gang affiliations alone if he wants to grow. People are quick to have an opinion on Cardi B and Nicki Minaj and how they react to each other but nobody wants to correct this young man? We can police the behavior of women but not that of a man who is putting his life in danger with his painstaking behavior. It’s not easy to substitute the letter B with the letter C so don’t make things more complicated than they already are.

“I just checked the scores, I’m definitely winning.” – Slim 400 (Again & Again)

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