Bring Back the 90s!


With the atmosphere in Rap music today a lot of the older generation yearn for the Golden Era. Some are saddened that the younger generation will never have that experience. Others are just hoping for some type of comeback while the rest believe it’s already here. It’s time to wake up people and realize there is no time machine to take us back and we’re never going back. I’m sorry. No matter how much you don’t listen to the radio or listen to all your old vinyl or compact discs you will never have that, it’s over. You need a filter to find the good Rap music in today’s world. We need to embrace what we have and there’s some good Rap music out there.

Fabolous has been a shining example of how to bring back the nineties. From his fashion to his music he is living the nineties lifestyle and it’s showing in his music. His recent “B.A.S.” freestyle combines his New York rap style with the classic west coast beat from Dr. Dre. Fab keeps a shadow fade and has been for a while now. His social media reeks of the nineties. The cars he drives and the small touches like the glasses he wears, it’s all nineties. This is how we can bring the nineties into 2015. Granted the eighties have returned through fashion and the younger generation has embraced it but how can someone who didn’t live during that time truly understand the significance of certain trends or styles? Who is qualified to teach young people about the nostalgia of the nineties? You as a fan of the culture. Who else would be qualified to do so? You were there weren’t you?

The best way to bring back the nineties is to reintroduce yourself to some classic Rap music. There were one-hit wonders back then and the same type of party music was criticized for being too commercial. Even though the music was commercial there wasn’t a lot of unhealthy Rap. “Gangsta Rap” was on the horizon but everybody wasn’t doing that. The music was about how much fun we were having being successful. Rap had solidified itself as a musical genre and radio stations made adjustments. The young people that are reading this are probably wondering what was so good about the nineties. Everything! No social media for one thing and Rappers were really doing a lot of what they Rapped about, at least the one I listened too did. Queen Latifah was all about U.N.I.T.Y. and Public Enemy awakened the masses with their messages of social consciousness. Everybody was about their business and the culture.

Now a day’s people act like being honest or ‘real’ is so hard but they pride themselves on being that. People in the business are not for the culture and the culture is being exploited for business. It sometimes upsets me to think that someone would compromise themselves and their art for a piece of green paper that isn’t worth a dime. Fabolous is coexisting in the nineties and 2015 so why can’t we? It’s not too late to change your trajectory. You as a fan of the culture and you as a representative of the culture can be that change. Now don’t go out and try to redo you’re entire wardrobe just to get back to the nineties. It’s not a materialistic ideal so you have to change your maladaptive thinking. The way you listen to Rap music in 2015 is not the same as 1996. Your critical thinking skills have been altered over the years. Some of us may have developed a better critical ear while some of us may have fallen by the wayside. You can go back to the eighties if you like but the only time machine is the one in your stereo.