Bring Out the BARS!!


There must be something in the water because emcees are coming out of the wood works! Over the past month Styles P and Fabolous have been putting out freestyles that have been shaking Hip Hop up a little bit. Fabolous is sticking with his 90s lifestyle and rhyming over classic Rap beats like “Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing to F**k Wit”, “B.A.S.”, “Take It Easy”, and more. On the other side is Styles P going crazy on songs by mainstream artists such as “Bands”, “Pills”, and “Lo”. Styles kicked off the trend with “Don’t Fade Em”, the J. Cole track. Both emcees are going at it bar for bar giving you nothing but lyrics. WE haven’t seen this type of fun in ages. Then all of a sudden Jadakiss jumps in the game and things are turning into a free for all for lyricists. Jada did a little catch up and released two freestyles that are nothing short of what you want to hear from Kiss. These Rappers have given TGIF another meaning to Hip Hop heads. Everybody is looking forward to Fridays waiting online for the latest freestyle to drop.

The best part about these particular emcees doing dropping the music is that they are certified in their skill level. So when they say freestyle best believe that these dudes are actually freestyling. Some people give freestyling a different meaning but the true definition of freestyle is spitting unwritten lyrics; fresh from your immediate thought process without any prewritten or signature lines. Fab, Styles, and Jada have been doing this so long that you expect to hear those signature lines, you crave them, and you want them every time you hear them on the mic! Styles P and Fabolous have released so many tracks both of them seem to have developed some new type of mixtape. I’m sure by the time you read this blog a new freestyle would have been released. These Rappers are having fun doing these freestyles and getting the reaction of fans and the culture. That’s why this works because the culture never falls off. As long as you have rhymes to spit you can always make a little wave for yourself. This is lyrical exercise a practice if you will. It keeps the emcee fresh and current with his fan base while keeping the music easily accessible.

This is not the same as a Drake freestyle being released because he’s mainstream. Hip Hop Culture would rather hear street bars and not whatever it is he does. Besides he releases music all the time not giving his fans a chance to miss him and overly accessible. We all know Jadakiss, Styles P, and Fabolous are better Rapper than pretty much everyone on the radio which is why the music resonates more. I look forward to any other lyricists joining in! I would love to hear one from Memphis Bleek or Pusha-T. I wonder how long we will get these weekly rhymes. I will just enjoy them and hope they inspire the small percentage to keep rhyming with words. These freestyles should get you through until the Summer and hopefully we’ll have some new heat by then.