Broken Silence

Shad Moss formerly known as Lil Bow Wow may seem like a joke to you but Mr. Moss is the living breathing example of the future for some young artists. Rappers will try to grow out of an old persona yet the industry and fans won’t let them. Growing up is part of life but it’s not a part of Rap music. Bow Wow has seen a lot of success at a very young age and he has been successful a successful actor on television and the big screen. All of these accolades yet he expresses his frustrations on social media about wanting basic human needs; love and respect. Let’s get this straight Bow Wow is a legend that can teach a lot of game to the newcomers. He’s a young old head that has done numbers your favorite rapper will never do.

This man has given himself to all of us and we treat him like he’s our annoying little brother. He’s not asking for much but we give everything we have to these new people who have committed horrible crimes and more than likely won’t be around in the next five years. We should be giving Mr. Moss his flowers now instead of waiting for his demise. I’m not going to speculate how or when because if we keep treating him like this it may be sooner than later. We ignored the signs of depression in Kanye West and you see how that went. Scarface, one of the greatest emcees of all time, has shared his experiences with depression and mental illness. If Bow Wow came out today and told everyone he takes the same medicine as Kanye no one would buy his album they would just be disrespectful on social media. We don’t believe him when he tells the truth because the narrative that we’ve created about him is more entertaining.

We’re not “fans” if we’re treating people like this. We’re not consumers because we’re not buying the music. We barely go to the movies yet we’ll watch Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta for the drama. Soon as Bow Wow does some “antic” you all are all over it making judgments, giving unsolicited opinions, and speculating. What is it? Do we not trust him? If he broke his silence about what was really going on with him would the community embrace him or laugh in his face? This is why Rappers go to drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity. They are trying to fill a void that was left empty. But this is what happens when you put your ego in the hands of other people. The human ego is fragile and once people stop caring and drop the ball your ego is the first to go. The only way to break the silence is to talk back.

“But we never paid attention to those who hate us.” – Foxy Brown (Broken Silence Intro)

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