…but they blame Hip Hop.

The continued gun violence in our country over the past several years has been exhausting. We are in the midst of very trying times and the upcoming election has people choosing sides. This country was founded on violence and that cycle is still perpetuated in our society today. America lives by the gun and it will die by the gun even if it brings the country to its knees. The government is more self-serving than ever and the people are struggling more than ever. Since Barack Obama took the Oath of Affirmation America has not been the same. Although Obama may not be “the first Black President of the U.S.” many people have behaved in a way that condones such a statement. From whites calling him and his wife monkeys and gorillas to prisoners thinking they’re going to be pardoned for violent crimes. Criminals have existed in America way beyond 1776 and they still do exist in 2016. During those 240 years Africans, African slaves, negroes, decedents of Africans, mulattos, and anyone with melanin pigmentation were still subjected to a violent and terroristic lifestyle and we still are today.

Hip Hop culture was derived from the slums of the Bronx in New York giving the youth something positive to do rather than engage in America’s violent underworld. Hip Hop allowed young people to find their niche and create a way of life and parlay that into a career. The elements of Hip Hop have always been a competitive but only when America got a hold of it did it regress into messages of promiscuity, flaunting money, and drug abuse. I’m sorry to say it but N.W.A. and Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell were the first Rap acts to be forced to go up against Uncle Sam, Uncle Tom, and Lady Liberty for our right to express ourselves and to report what was really going on in our communities. Hip Hop/Rap music did not start this trend of violence in America; we merely shared stories about the violence running rampant in our communities.

Our people were raped, murdered, lynched, and beaten. Our people were emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically killed by whites and the slave patrol and today in 2016 our people are still emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically killed by whites and police agencies across the nation but they blame Hip Hop. If you ask Bill O’Reilly he’ll tell you how Rap music has been the demise of Black youth since the seventies. Before then it was probably Jazz, and before then Rock N Roll, and they’d surely blame gospel if they could rationalize it enough to prove their point! Hip Hop did not influence Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, or any other pan-African to do what they did to free themselves and others. So when you hear about a Micah Johnson or a Gavin Long don’t ask if Hip Hop or Rap music influenced them to kill police officers. What you should ask is why did the Black men have to be murdered rather than apprehended safely the same way they did Dylann Roof or George Zimmerman? These men knew they’d be killed and were prepared to lose their lives in the hopes of martyrdom. Muslims don’t condone terrorists and I don’t condone the actions of Micah Johnson or Gavin Long but with the deep rooted violent history that exists in America I am not surprised. If policeman aren’t convicted and held responsible for their actions then the result will be continued radical behavior from people of all racial backgrounds, just don’t blame Hip Hop for the injustices brought on by the climate of this nation.

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