Buying Black

I’m not sure if most of us are getting on one accord or if all the recent protesting, marching, and boycotting will only be temporary. Ever since the Trayvon Martin murder in Florida our communities have slowly but surely stepped up to support one another. Even the Hip Hop community has voiced, demonstrated, and financed their local community efforts or supported national efforts via Black Lives Matter. From the Game and his Robin Hood Project to Akon’s Lighting Africa or Jay Z and Beyoncé donating funds to BLM for bail and other foreseen expenses Hip Hop has made contributions and while most of the efforts made by “celebrities” aren’t televised or widely broadcasted it is important for us to do our part as the consumers of Hip Hop/Rap music, we must buy Black. I am not saying you can’t buy a G-Eazy, Logic, or an Action Bronson album but if you have to make a decision between Action Bronson and Ghostface Killah you should choose Ghostdini. If you can only afford to purchase one album out of this paycheck than those dollars need to go to a Black-American or Latino-American artist.

The irony of chanting Black lives matter and having a playlist with nothing but Adele, Fergie, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, or Macklemore is real. You can’t be pro-Black/Brown listening to nothing but white artists who do Black/Brown music. Yes, Eminem is dope and Alchemist’s beats are incredible but if you want the Game, Jay Z, and Kanye to financially support the movement you have to buy an album. I wouldn’t go as far as buying their merchandise (i.e. Yeezys) because that can become costly for the average person. You have a streaming service but TIDAL is now owned by a guy named Sean Carter who happens to be Black. Apple Music is owned by who? Pandora and Spotify are owned by who? If we don’t support the endeavors of those from our communities than how do you expect Hip Hop Culture as we know it to continue? You don’t want Hip Hop to evolve into what Rock N Roll or Jazz has evolved into. It’s not that whites don’t have the talent to participate in Black musical genres we just have to maintain the art that our communities created.

Every time a Black/Brown person invents or creates something that doesn’t mean that we have to relinquish it to white people after forty years of entrepreneurship. Yes, white people were participating in Hip Hop in the early days but that was after they found their footing in Rock N Roll. When we moved on from Rock N Roll to Jazz; they followed and when we moved on from Jazz to Hip Hop; who do you think was following close behind? You can buy music from a G-Eazy, that’s fine but don’t purchase his music over someone you know has superior talent and melanin in their skin. You might buy a G-Eazy album before you buy a Migos album but where would those three young men be if it wasn’t for Hip Hop/Rap music. Not to say that every Rapper that’s involved in Hip Hop/Rap music was involved in criminal activity prior to becoming an artist but with the way the economy has been setup since G.W. Busch left office a college graduate can’t even get a job at McDonalds! I should know because I was one of them. If we want Rappers to support us we have to support them in return. If you care about the movement you should care about the music.


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