Cap’n Crunch

As the times continue to change so does the language. When we were growing up cappin’ referred to someone shooting, getting shot, or just the act of shooting a gun in general. Today cappin’ refers to frontin’, faking, and flat-out lies. I’m sure you’ve seen the blue hat emoji in some captions on social media. Today, MC Gusto’s offspring are able to be successful by leaving Albert at home. The willful ignorance is what keeps a stagnant career going for the younger generation. As long as it garners the necessary likes, comments, tweets, and overall attention from most of the Rap community that is enough to get ad dollars, commercial appearances, or a shoe deal. You can’t believe everything younger rappers say on social media. You just can’t, and the fact that most of you young people can’t corroborate any of these tall tales because you weren’t born yet. So how do you know when to believe a Kodak Black or a Tekashi69? Does it have to end with the phrase, “no cap”?

Then when you call out a young person for being fraudulent, they get upset as if you lied to them. Trust me, they know their music isn’t that good but, it’s so easy to get on and if you’re willing to disrespect the legends that represent the foundation of the culture then it’s even easier. If the younger rappers spew just enough ignorance to influence the younger listeners to feel the same way then the industry will win and the culture will no longer belong to us. Young people, stop the cap’n. Cap’n can get you in a lot of trouble especially if someone pulls your card. You have nothing to gain and everything to lose when you behave in this way. The Hip Hop cops are real people and so are the streets. I wouldn’t want to get caught slipping by either of the two. Two Live Crew and Public Enemy didn’t fight the Supreme Court just for artists and musicians everywhere for young people to blatantly lie to millions of people.

Cap’n is a whole new level of frontin’ because young listeners allow rappers to lie to them. It’s funny to wear a fake watch or fake Yeezy’s. Why do you all accept this type of behavior? Young people, you all are smart but not as smart as you think. Some artists lie because it rhymes and it sounds good. You can have a career in music without all the immature behavior and stupid commentary. What you young people need to realize is that, you don’t have to become a rapper to become successful. Even if you’ve been involved in the court system you can still have a future! When your favorite rapper gets beat up, robbed, or killed, they see a doctor. Guess who goes to court to represent your favorite rapper once they catch those charges, a lawyer. Who else is going to manage their money when they’re too high to count their money, an accountant. Who do they get their jewelry from? If they can’t read or write, who’s reading their contracts?

“I felt like Cappin” – 2 Chainz (Felt Like Cappin’)

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