Carpe Cultura!

Nasir Jones released the long awaited Lost Tapes 2! I keep telling you all that promotion is all about the product. If you’re selling trash people will know they’re buying garbage. As they say, “another man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.” However; Hip Hop Culture is not trash although something else might be said about Rap music. The Lost Tapes 2 features music Nas created over ten years ago with producers who know him and a few less seasoned producers despite their status. When your music can stand the test of time then you know you have something, it may not be a classic, but it could be timeless. Timeless music resonates with audiences across generations and has the ability to capture the attention of the culture. Garnishing all the respect, admiration, and love that an artist desires for their work is not something that every artist can do. Some artists may be “hot”, “poppin”, or “the new wave” but how long will that last?

The culture waited patiently after Nas dropped his collaboration project with Kanye West. I mean who wouldn’t at this point in both of their careers? It’s all about capturing a moment in time that will make people stop everything they’re doing to give their respect to the project whether it’s a download, a stream, or a share. The problem with some of the younger artist is they seem to think that they are the first generation of successful Rappers. They all need to watch what their predecessors like Nas are doing because when their more popular albums come of age in twenty years or so they’ll want to repackage the music and resell it. Will it be a moment though or just a social media trending topic?

One day as a trending topic, one week as a headline, or even a few weeks on the charts is not enough to capture the hearts of the global Hip Hop community. As a real artist or musician you want to reach people on every continent in every country. If not, what are you here for? Yes, Hip Hop/Rap is the new way to hustle up some money to make a better life for yourself but at what cost to the culture? Are you doing more harm than good? Is your music actually any good or would you be better suited to be behind the scenes? I understand that being an artist is multifaceted and has many nuances that we fans may not realize. Did you understand how much weight would be put on your shoulders when you decided to become a “rapper”? Did you know how much work being an entertainer was or did you think you would just smoke some weed, drink some liquor, and spend some money? To make a lasting impression you have to give us music to match.

“Probably they wanna wait ’til I’m deceased to honor me” – Nas (The Art of It)

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