Celebrity Saves No One

If you haven’t heard by now Mr. Robert Williams B.K.A. Meek Mill has to appear in court over a probation violation, something the young men in our community know all too well. Apparently Meek failed to contact his probation officer to inform her that he was going out of town for work. Now before everyone goes into a tizzy yes Meek’s P.O. knows he’s an entertainer but she cannot just allow him to come and go as he pleases. It’s the same procedure for everyone in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For all we know Meek just forgot or assumed that someone on his management team had taken care of it. It could be a simple oversight or it could be that Meek was feeling himself and figured he’d be alright even if he didn’t call his probation officer. It’s funny because some kids out here really believe that being famous can get you out of a bad situation.

If that were true none of our favorite emcees would have ever done any time! Tupac, Capone, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Shyne, Cassidy, Remy Ma, and everybody else I didn’t mention. These emcees got knocked at the height of their career or right before their careers were to sky rocket. It’s almost like when a close friend or family member was about to turn their life around but end of getting killed. When a celebrity goes to jail or prison they are dead to the industry in a sense. Unless you are a Tupac or a Snoop Dogg nobody is going to be checking for you when you’re released. Remy survived off her husband and bars alone! Celebrity saves no one and Meek Mill may soon remember what that feels like since he was just released. Word is that Nicki Minaj has or at least plans to make a plea to the judge for her beau. Now tell me this, if they were “the average” couple would she really go out of her way to do so? Half the girls out here are sending their boo to jail over some BS. I’m a woman so don’t misconstrue the point I’m trying to make. She didn’t do it the last time but I guess that’s because she was in the middle of breaking up with Safaree. (Insert any shade emoji you’d like) The question is why is Nicki using her celebrity to appeal to the judge for Meek Mill? Why not? If you could you would. That doesn’t mean it’s going to work.

So, if Meek goes back to jail then what? WWND? What will happen to the remainder of his fan base that didn’t side with Drake? You will see memes of Meek in jail while Drake makes his move for Nicki. That was just a joke but that’s the day and age we live in if it’s a meme than its major. This is just a word to the wise that being a celebrity or having money doesn’t work for melanin people and barely works for someone the system sees as poor which is me and all of you. You are not immune to the woes of the world just because a few million people know your name. For people in our community there’s no such thing as n***a we made it.

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