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It is the first Friday of June and more new music is hitting the digital shelves. I was browsing Soundcloud and I saw a project from Kool G. Rap, Return of The Don. I know some people despise Soundcloud but just like all social media, if you’re following the right people you’ll see the good stuff and not the fluff. Anyway, Kool G. Rap is known as one of if not THE greatest emcee of all time and in Hip Hop as long as you keep your pencil sharpened you’ll always have bars. I’m sure G. Rap’s pen is sharper than ever since being an emcee is his claim to fame. Unlike a lot of the newbies who aren’t known for anything besides having a bunch of followers and views. It is a fact that in order to “get on” in 2017 you have to have a fan base online before you are given a larger platform on any network, station, or channel. Some people say that rhymes aren’t important anymore but Kendrick’s album sales, Logic’s album sales, and the recent success of Russ is proving otherwise. As a Rapper your claim to fame should be your rhymes, your lyrics, your bars!

As a Rapper your claim to fame is what is going to keep your “legacy” alive once you leave the business. Trust me, you’re going to leave the business because the next generation will be there to takeover. Some people get their claim to fame from reality television and we all know that most reality television stars don’t crossover to well outside of that realm of entertainment. You don’t want to be that person jumping from reality show to reality show just to stay in the limelight. The mainstream Rappers today use mumble Rap as their claim to fame. Even though they may not like the term or categorize themselves as such they play up the fact that people call them a mumble Rapper and use it to book interviews. Bad news is good news; even fake news is good news to someone. Some Rappers use fashion as their claim to fame even though they look a hot mess. The runway doesn’t always translate to everyday wear and a fashion label is just that, a label.

Last time I checked Hip Hop and Rap music was about being an individual and not being labeled or put into a box. Being original should be everyone’s claim to fame but people are so money hungry that they are blinded by the fact that they can’t Rap! I’ll be fair, some of them know that they can’t Rap and just want to make it out of their environment. There are other ways to make it out the hood but everyone seems to think that becoming a Rapper is the easy route. Why is that? Because everyone doing it is making it look easy by mumble rapping. Your claim to fame has to be noteworthy, not because you wear women’s clothes.

“To play this game you gotta be a rap pro; it’s not dominos or tic tac toe.” –Kool G. Rap

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