Competitive Commentary

On top of all of the media outlets that report and commentate on all things political, pop culture, sports, and entertainment we have social media that gives us regular folks a platform to share our point of view, opinions, and feelings. This week on A$AP MOB’s AWGE DVD YouTube page Yasiin Bey, the artist FKA Mos Def, was seen in around the fifteen minute mark watching Tekashi69’s video for the song GUMMO. Long story short he wasn’t impressed and reminded everyone that what he’s doing isn’t new just a reinvention of the popsicle stick. Mind you the video that features Brother Bey is almost an hour long so the fact that his comments have made headlines shows you how much weight his words hold. How much respect he commands and you can’t rhyme better than him.

What I expect is for young people to make an attempt at dissing the legendary Brooklyn emcee but I haven’t seen anybody jump out the window yet. Up and coming Rappers have dissed 2Pac and J. Cole in an attempt to get a record deal and it worked so who’s next up on Deal or no Deal because the Rap game is quickly becoming a game show. People rush to give their opinions just to reiterate what someone else said. So you’re not speaking your truth and possibly perpetuating immaturity and other divisive behaviors. Being so quick to commentate eliminates the quality of your commentary. You aren’t able to think about what you’re saying, how it would affect those people who hear it, and how it could come back on you. Young people are more worried about someone responding to something they said on social media but some of them wouldn’t know what to say if someone responded to them about something they said in person.

Don’t forget that Tekashi69 is from Brooklyn too so don’t tell me Tekashi69 doesn’t know who Mos Def is; he may not know Yasiin Bey but I know he knows Mos Def. Every OG and every legend can’t commentate or give their opinion on these young new rappers because they don’t have a high enough platform. Pete Rock is constantly getting slammed for his opinions on the new generation and even Noreaga got some pushback for some Twitter comments. You don’t have to be the first person to share your opinion on something because sometimes your opinion isn’t worth as much as you think it is.

“Commentators ringside try watchin’ my paper.”  – Nas (Hate Me Now)

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