Creepin on Ah Come Up

Summer is right around the corner and I know I’m not the only one who needs a vacation. Summer is when we get the best party music and attend as many festivals as we can afford. Somewhere there’s an emcee locked away rhyming to 5 beats a day ready to make his mark on the music industry. Simultaneously someone somewhere is being too lazy to get a traditional job working so they’re considering Rap as a career. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be in the entertainment industry for a living but not everyone is star material or has star power and as a result not every person with star power has talent. Anyone can sharpen their skills but without any real talent you’re just fooling yourself. I know it seems like a lot of new age Rappers just pop out of nowhere but some of them grinded for years before getting any type of recognition. You can tell which artists worked hard to get where they are as appose to those who don’t mind being used as long as they get their cut of the devil’s proverbial pie.

If an artist rises to the top to quickly their fall from grace will be that much more unpleasant. Fame isn’t for everyone and not everyone understands that until they are immersed in a life full of paparazzi, planes, and people. Technology prevents people from getting the full scale of a person’s talent simply because they are trying to fit everything into the time constraints that are put into place by social media. Being yourself and growing at your own pace is something that only you can do. Do not feel rushed to put out a bunch of music if it isn’t going to be up to par. The internet is a weird space where things live “forever” so you have to be careful what you put out because it could come back to haunt you and nobody wants to be a meme on these mean social media streets.

Don’t adapt to the system, make the system adapt to you. So when it is finally your turn to shine you’ll be ready and you won’t have to deviate from anything that you’re already doing. This was more of a motivational post today but it can be applied to any of you Hip Hop Heads’ everyday life. Put in the work and sow your seeds so that they can come to fruition just as you imagined they would. You’re favorite emcee wasn’t discovered overnight. Kendrick was not an overnight success and neither was Drake. Whether you’re eyeing mainstream success or the B-list of underground Rap and Hip Hop Culture you have to pay your dues. This website isn’t part of the mainstream media and although that is the goal, I anticipate them adapting their style of reporting to something similar to ours. Once they start using your headlines, style, beats, rhymes, and life then you’ll know you’re making some noise.

“So to all you bustas out there, beware. ” – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony