Culpability Anyone?

With Tekashi69 in federal custody, apparently the Rap game needed a new jester and Soulja Boy has answered the call! He superman’d from either Fruit Town, Mississippi, or Atlanta and saved us from boredom. I mean why not? This country is in grave danger because our President is a joke, so why not be a distraction from the possibility of World War III or another Civil War. Donald Trump has committed what I believe to be treason when he published a letter written by one of his constituents outlining travel plans of top ranking U. S. Official, Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Outlining her travel plans and making them public is breaking OPSEC which is a five step process that assists our military in identifying information requiring protection, determining the methods that may be employed to compromise that information, and establishing effective countermeasures to protect it. Trump just keeps driving us closer and closer to Martial Law and all those Mad Max movies you might’ve seen but thought it wasn’t happening in your lifetime.

No one is holding anyone responsible for their actions and the best way to make people turn their heads is a viral moment. As the gatekeepers and tastemakers of cultures across the globe if we don’t pay attention to this the “revolution” will be our demise. Soulja Boy went on the Breakfast Club Morning Show and shared a lot of truths but his delivery is a joke. Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne are responsible for the atmosphere, the look, and the sound of today’s mainstream Rappers. The problem is that no one is telling these guys where they messed up at. Men like Trump and Soulja Boy can sell you a dream but won’t tell you that it’s going to be a nightmare. Then these men gain a following and become unstoppable and because everyone has their own agenda they too begin to believe that the nightmare is a beautiful dream sequence with some sort of Utopia on the other side.

Everything they are doing is irresponsible and someone is going to get hurt. Making the joke is always better than being the joke. But what happens when the joke goes too far? You have to take responsibility for your actions and when these countries and Rappers are tougher than you, man up and don’t through your country, the military, your friends, or your peers under the bus! Where’s the culpability people?! Our community isn’t allowed to own guns, we can’t grow our own food, and we can’t fish or hunt so how are we going to survive if the government continues to shut down? There won’t be any running water or electricity, and Big Draco won’t be there to entertain you and your family will be looking for you to take care of them and only you will be to blame if you can’t.

“I’m laughin at you n****s like ha ha hahhh! Let’s go” – Shawty Lo (Foolish)

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