Cultural Cachet

We all want it; respect, clout, love, or equity no matter what you call it we all want it but there are things that an artist can do to lose their cachet. Lately a few of your favorite artists have been lost the cachet that they’ve built up by making moves that counter the culture. Travis Scott lost some of his culture cachet by performing during the Super Bowl halftime show but, a lot of people didn’t realize that he didn’t have that much to begin with. Contrary to popular belief Big Boi of Outkast also lost some cultural cachet however; Big Boi has decades of cultural cachet to only get a slap on the wrist for saving the sad Super Bowl halftime show for a couple minutes. Hopefully he learned something and won’t tread on those waters again.

Cultural cachet is partly what has kept Kanye West’s career alive. He’s given Hip Hop so much that it has surpassed expectations and people give him the benefit of the doubt because of it. It takes years to build up enough love and respect to move the way a Jay Z moves and some have done it in a short time but they always stay consistent with their respect for the culture i.e. Drake. Consumers can sometimes be fickle and we definitely scrutinize every move an artist makes but the artist has to stay consistent. Consistency makes the consumer feel like they know you, they can believe you, and you are who you present yourself as. That’s why when old tweets or social media posts get unearthed it is shocking to some consumers to know that someone they hold in high esteem is behaving or speaking in a manner that is consistent than what they’ve presented through their music, it’s disappointing.

We as a community decide who and how much respect, love, equity, or cachet an artist get and although, not everyone is able to influence the artist directly but trust me they are getting the drift. Cachet can come into question at any time. We have politicians whose Blackness come into question on a daily basis. Barack Obama, Sen. Corey Booker, and Sen. Kamala Harris just to name a few. T. I. is going to lose his political cachet playing around with a Gucci boycott. People tried to question Cardi’s authenticity and ethnicity and they don’t even have enough cachet of their own to even open their mouths. We continue to give cachet to those who don’t deserve it, be they brands, awards, labels, artists, or fashion houses yet, still surprised when they drop all the love, respect, and cachet that we’ve given them.

“I don’t do ___ halfway, I’ma clear the cache.” – Kanye West (I Thought About Killing You)

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