Dance Dance Revolution

Dance has always been a part of the human experience. Movement, creativity, and rhythm go hand in hand with Hip Hop Culture and as the music changes so will the movement. Some things will never get old like popping and locking, the robot, or the moonwalk. Breakdancing hasn’t changed but it has definitely evolved. With the help of social media you can learn a new dance every day. You can learn various types of dance without paying an instructor. The internet has videos of people in Ghana, Dubai, Hong Kong, Brazil, and around the world dancing to music that reflects their culture. With Hip Hop Culture being created by African American and Latino kids in the Bronx it is safe to say that Breakin is what we do to music that reflects our culture. Someone who dances to Hip Hop music is called a breaker for a reason. The movements that breakdancers do are reflective of how we are treated as a group of people and how we move within a society that doesn’t want us here.

Dance is something that people of all ages can enjoy; as long as it isn’t too sexually overt. Breakin was sometimes used to thwart off another crew or to gain respect amongst other things. Now dance isn’t as serious unless you’re battling and in some cases it’s all about being creative with your movements. If you’re creative enough you can dance to anything, I just saw recently two guys dancing to Nintendo music! When the revolution comes we have to be ready to proceed using every element of the culture; emceeing, dee jaying, graffiti, and breakin. We use our words to change our situation, we will change our sound to what reflects our ancestry, we will visualize the change we want to see, and we will move in a manner that is conducive to our overall physical being.

Dance will continue to evolve and we have to be there to make sure it does as it should and not as the money dictates. Remember, Hip Hop was set out in a park…for free. Young rappers today are getting clowned every time a video of them dancing “mysteriously” resurfaces online. Most Rappers in the game weren’t initially rappers. A lot of them started out as breakdancers or graffiti artists. In all reality in the early days it wasn’t uncommon to find someone who had dabbled in each element of the culture including dee jaying. From breaking to stepping to line dancing we do it all. They say there is a time and a place for certain dance styles but who are you to tell me when and where I can and can’t two-step?

“Confidence in yourself, breakin’ on marble floors.” – Kendrick Lamar (U)

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