Death Before Dis’ Honor

My condolences to the family of Lee O’Denat and everyone at Worldstar Hip Hop. Unexpected deaths are tough just like all the others. Imagine dying and people taking you for granted, not allowing you to live up to your potential, and manipulating you your entire life. I was never a fan of “Worldstar” and I have probably couldn’t tell you anything about what the website looks like. I was angry that Q used the words Hip Hop in the title. Much like how some people feel about the television show Love and Hip Hop. Now the show incorporates more industry faces then before but it’s still not what people think of when they hear the words Hip Hop. Sometimes in this cold game you have to die before you get your accolades. That seems to be the theme in this country of ours, you have to be dead to get some respect! This country’s politics have been dead for some time and Hip Hop was said to have died about ten years ago only to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

After four years of Donald Trump acting as the leader of the free world who will bring this country back from the grave? This wouldn’t be the first time in our young country’s history that we’ve elected a celebrity as The President and for some of us we’ve lived in a society with leaders that thought just like Trump most of our lives. Our government lost its way long ago and we are left with only the ashes. Some of the other nations do not like us U.S. citizens simply based off of our government but now I think those same nations feel sorry for us citizens now. I think they may respect us a little bit because they see how bad it really is in the West. Hip Hop is getting a little more respect these days as lyrics continue to make their way back into the equation. We’ve seen the emergence of some great emcees and the return of some lyrical monsters. There are no valleys without the mountains and sometimes death is the only way some of the greats get recognized.

Basquiat, Pun, Tookie Williams, Fred Hampton, and on and on. You may be older when you get your accolades even after being in the field for decades. I hope I don’t have to die before my writings get mainstream praise. People want to know that they’ve touched people, they want to know that they’ve made a difference, they want to know that their life meant something. People want to go down in history! Big L, Jam Master Jay, Freaky Tah, Left Eye, and others like Ms. Melodie all died before their time be their death be from natural causes or murder but we all remember the impact they had on Rap music and Hip Hop Culture. Death before dis’ honor only seems to plague the Hip Hop community as other genres celebrate their legends and give them their flowers while they’re still living. Not Rap, not Hip Hop you have to go through the trenches and prove yourself to a bunch of people that won’t support your music, your legacy, or your other ventures until you’re dead. Would you take death before dishonor or take an honorable discharge?

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