December Book Review: A Children’s Guide to the Origins of Hip Hop by Lamont Clark

A Children’s Guide to the Origins of Hip Hop (The Five Elements of Hip Hop) by Lamont Clark

I chose to review this series of books instead of each one separately because I want everyone to know that this is in fact a series of children’s books. This series of books is perfect for your young Hip Hop head. Each book was written with the reader in mind. From the front to the back cover the illustrations are impeccable.

To have an ‘early learner’ book about each of the elements of Hip Hop is nothing short of obvious genius. What a great way to get your kids interested in the culture versus just rap music. Kids, especially those under the age of 13, may not know that Hip Hop is more than music. This series provides a great educational moment that you can share with your children. It combines education and Hip Hop two of our favorite things we here at The Society. Each book caters to the targeted age group with few sentences that include vibrant and colorful photographs so I wouldn’t purchase this series for a teenager. 

The book includes the names of legends representing each element of the culture. The photographs are clear and the words are easy to read for your young King or Queen. Each book will definitely have your child ready to bomb, break, scratch, and rhyme. If you cultivate the creativity within your child one of these books can be their first inspiration and put them on the road to becoming a legend in their own right. The books start off discussing the history of each element and how it came to be. These books are to be read in a particular order for a specific reason. Some elements may have come before others and some may be easier to explain once you’ve taught your students about another element. 

The element of the MC is very well rounded as it discusses topics ranging from female MCs to the influence of media. It discusses labels and the administrative efforts that it takes to develop an MC. You finish out the series with arguably the most important element, the knowledge. The knowledge brings together all the elements that you should have read before you get to the knowledge. As an educator you can use these books in your classroom. Art teachers, dance teachers, English teachers, and anyone in between could bridge the gap with their students by utilizing this book in their lessons. Purchase this series and stuff them in a child’s stocking this holiday season. The books are priced well and are even cheaper on the Kindle or other reading devices. 

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