Rappers are assumed to be felonious so those who don’t have a criminal record have to blend into the culture of what Hip Hop stereotypically is. The façade of being a criminal is an underlying theme in Rap music that takes a lot of tricks, camera angles, and money. Most emcees in the music industry who have a real criminal past make efforts to change their behavior. It’s called growth but, sometimes as humans we are put in predicaments that challenge us and we revert back to what we grew up doing. However, there is a way to handle a situation and not risk your life or risk going to jail. Bun B and his wife were recently victims of an attempted burglary at their home in Texas. Both Bun B and his wife played their role and in turn they saved their own lives. With no criminal record Bun B is able to carry a gun and rightfully so he should and he does. Without his knowledge of how to control a weapon and his wherewithal to remain calm in the midst of a home invasion someone could have lost their lives.

On the flip side Remy Ma turned herself in to police after a warrant for her arrest was issued stemming from an altercation with another Love and Hip Hop cast member. With a new baby and a new lease on life the Raptress allegedly punched the young woman in the eye last month but, I guess she decided to press charges this month. It is no secret that certain reality television shows setup a negative environment to get a real reaction out of the cast and Remy Ma had seemed to escape the setups. I don’t watch the show so I didn’t see the interaction however, I know Remy had to have had an outer body experience to feel like she needed to physically react. There was a moment in time when going to jail was good for a rapper’s career. Between the year 2007-2010, T.I., Gucci Mane, and Lil Wayne were in and out of jail heavy.

Being a criminal is not something one should inquire about after they’ve gotten “famous” or an increase in income. When you behave as a criminal, you attract other criminals, and you invite the criminal element into your life. This criminal element is why police raid tour busses and harass people in and of the culture. As a whole the culture needs to decriminalize the image of certain artists and teach other artists how to decriminalize the people in their circle. It is one thing to have a criminal past and move on but, it’s another thing to live as a criminal with no past. There is no reason that any artist should be flaunting a criminal lifestyle especially when you don’t live that life anymore. The whole point of working in the music industry is to avoid having to participate in criminal activity, not to increase your criminality.


“Everybody’s a victim in my eyes.” – Kendrick Lamar (Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst)




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