Dis’ Fame

There are so many ways to “get on” these days. Some use Rap music and Hip Hop Culture to get one and others use social media. Those who mix the two clearly don’t care about the culture or the music and are looking to be “famous.” What I don’t like is young rappers disrespecting legends who are deceased. Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace respectively have families who still mourn them; children in fact. Every time one of these jerks speaks negatively on men that they have never met or wasn’t even old enough to take in the music at the period in which they were on the scene it makes the culture look bad. The mainstream doesn’t know how to differentiate between wack rappers, dope lyricists, mumble rappers, or trap rappers so when one of them does anything that the “culture” or “the streets” speaks out against they give them a platform and a voice. No matter how ignorant someone shows themselves to be they get attention. A lot of the young people in our communities only know how to accept negative attention and/or some type of verbal abuse.

Don’t get me wrong dissing established artists to break into the music industry or some other field in the entertainment business. 50 Cent came in the rap music business in the early 2000s jackin’ for beats and a lot of other things. Roxanne Shante came on the scene dissing U.T.F.O. but not to necessarily get into the business but to stand up for every woman named Roxanne and of course women as a whole before we had real voices in Hip Hop. Nobody wins when the family feuds. While the older generation is arguing with the younger generation the mainstream is picking and choosing who they want to represent Hip Hop/Rap music in the future once we’re gone. If we don’t re-establish the status quo now we might lose our spot in the future of Hip Hop history.

I’m all for proving your worth on the mic and rhyming for you spot in the industry. Spitting bars about the next man’s bars or lack thereof is always welcome. Once you dis an icon, a legend, or even someone who is respected in the industry you have a timetable and now there’s more pressure on you and your career to drop a dope song or a project. Lonzo Ball dropped a project and apparently its trash. Tory Lanez dissed Drake and if he hadn’t released a respectable project he wouldn’t be around for another project. Where is 22 Savage, didn’t he change his name? Today people don’t care if they’re famous or infamous and they’re using the culture to become just that. So when they’re broke and alone in five to ten years where will the culture be?

“I can feel the new people around me just want to be famous .” – Kendrick Lamar (B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe)


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