Don’t Believe the Hype!

We are seventeen days into Bannon’s, I mean Trump’s presidency and although his administration has not done anything that hurts me directly I have definitely been hit indirectly. Living in a heavily populated military area a lot of the government workers here are unable to get raises despite the possibility of working more since our country will be declaring war on some middle eastern country fairly soon. Longer deployments, the inability for new home owners to purchase homes, and an increase in taxes is looming I’m sure. As we as a country stand alongside our Muslim brothers and sisters to fight the “Muslim ban” we have to stay focused and we cannot let up on Trump and his administration for a second! What we see happening now is the testing of power. This administration is testing us, the people, to see what we will rollover for and what we will not stand for. There will be plenty to protest, complain, and disagree with for the next four years so we cannot let them think we aren’t watching!

The same thing goes for Rap music but the difference is we rolled over. The current state of Rap music is what happens when you don’t criticize and disagree with the folks who are in a position of power. We rolled over when the industry became about “big I’s” and little you’s” as Swizz Beats would say. The OGs of the game rolled over and forgot to pass along the knowledge to the next generation so now they just disrespect the culture as a whole. Tell me Trump’s Muslim Ban isn’t disrespectful to Western American culture. Various ethnicities, religions, and cultural backgrounds are part of what makes our country seem so great. The diversity in rhyme skills are part of what makes Hip Hop Culture so great! We cannot let up on Trump and when someone tells you a new artist is “dope”, don’t believe the hype. Do not feed into anything that is played on the radio and don’t feed into anything on FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, or elsewhere. Do your own research!

If you want real emcees to be recognized for their talents than you have to support them! If you want a certain person to hold to become an elected official than you need to vote for them! You can’t complain or criticize if you aren’t doing your part. You can’t complain about the state of Rap music today if you’re buying tickets to a Lil Uzi or 21 Savage concert. Don’t click that article on Facebook or maybe don’t click that video on Worldstar if you so adamantly disagree. In this age of misinformation and “alternative facts” you can’t afford to clog your brain with trash. In this age of streaming and views you can’t afford to clog your ears with trash either. Don’t give in, rollover, or stand down, or ignore anything that Trump does over the next four years because being Black, Brown, or Red is already a crime in this country don’t support music that makes you a target.

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